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“These days people forget to heal themselves”[sic]

“Get away from my garden!”

“Have you found Gollum yet?”
Final Vision is a freeware platforming RPG based upon multiple games in the Final Fantasy series. The Player Character is King of Sasune. To kick-start the story, he is kidnapped by a group of rebels, who lock him inside a dungeon for interrogation by their leader; thankfully, he escapes with minimal effort, and is rescued shortly after by one of his knights.

When they return to Castle Sasune, he's informed of the hidden rebel base to the east of their current location. Unfortunately for him, those same rebels just tried to kill him. Again. This time with a bomb on the Airship he was a half-second away from boarding. Having avoided death for the second time, he ventures off to make sure they'll pose a threat no more.


Final Vision utilizes simplistic 2D graphics and old-school music. If you were expecting an epic story about rebellions and royalty, however, you'll be disappointed: there's definitely an Excuse Plot going. Although it seems like it could be a vast, expansive world of Final Fantasy characters and locations, it's actually fairly short.

There are five classes to choose from, with the option to select one being presented upon your rescue. They are:

Fighter: Utilizes swords and armor, and can cast White Magic. One of the classes recommended for beginners.
Red Mage: Utilizes rods and robes. This class has a mastery of both White and Black Magics, meaning it can heal itself and thrash enemies with ease.
Summoner: Rods and robs. Think Rydia, as far as its powers. Or just, you know, read what the class is called.
Dragoon: Spears and armor. Allows you to jump higher than normal (see Character Select Forcing) and attack in mid-air, which other classes cannot do. The other class that's good for new players.
None: Swords, armor, and nothing else. Meant for those that like more of a challenge.


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