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Video Game / A Game with a Kitty

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"Can I have you turban?" [sic]
Kittey (requesting a random genie woman's turban)

A Game with a Kitty is the tale of Kittey, a cat charged with exploring a recently-appeared tower by his fellow residents of Kicas, because—well, there really isn't much of a reason. They just don't seem to like him. Along the way, he explores various environments, gains new powers, and challenges some random guy with a bottle rocket.

It is every bit as weird as it sounds.

That being said, A Game with a Kitty is certainly worth downloading. Assuming you aim for 100% Completion, it only takes a few hours to complete.

This game has various sequels, such as A Game With a Kitty 2: Darkside Adventures, but not all of them are protagonized by Kitty.


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