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The main character in her first appearance.

Carrie the Caregiver is a series of Time Management Games. Her job says it all. She tends and cares for children (babies in her first game) and must manage everything as fast as she can. Of course, since this is a Time Management Game, it's pretty much the same thing with others and the more chains you do, the more you get points, etc.

Now, about Carrie: A recent nursing school graduate, Carrie embarks on an international journey with Caregivers International fulfilling her deep desire to offer care and love to those in need while seeking out her own dreams of happiness and well-being. With her supervisor Nurse Grettle always at her side, Carrie learns the tricks of the trade to better manage those under her care as well as tend to herself.

Her first and possibly most well-known game is called as is but with the subtitle Episode 1: Infancy where she takes care of babies. A spinoff is available online called Episode 1.5: Australia. Since then, two (or three, if you count the last game which is only playable online) more sequels have followed: Episode 2: Preschool, Episode 3: Summer Camp and Episode 4: Carrie's Country Jam.


Provides examples of:

  • Babies Make Everything Better: The first game. Or at least if it's contrast with your case. It's typical that the levels do and will get harder.
  • Character Blog: Of the fourth function listed in the trope. Every time you start and/or finish a level, you'll get updates from Carrie's blog. This includes some link to direct you to her site. The game's site, that is.
  • Doorstep Baby: Carrie's daughter, Safi. See Mood Whiplash's spoiler on how.
  • Earn Your Happy Endings
  • Image Song: In her blog, she tells you the songs she's written.
  • Mood Whiplash: In the end of the Infancy episode. In the African stage, Nurse Grettle sends Carrie a last baby girl to take care of and she tells her that she's been abandoned. Her last blog update may give you some heartwarming chills.
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  • Missing Mom: Carrie's mother died some time ago while attending college.
  • She Also Did: In-Universe. Carrie is also a singer-songwriter and her only 5 songs can be downloaded for free in the website.
  • Time Skip: Each sequel since we get information (and in the game, we see) her children had grown older.


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