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A Tomboy with a Girly Streak Taiwanese-American troper working as a starving cartoonist fine artist in love of super robots, and hotbloodedness.

A kid from the late 80's all the way through The '90s, she grew up watching the animes of that time period and became a fangirl of voice actors of that generation.

How much of a Super Robot fangirl is this girl? These are her answers:

She truly owe these works her gratitude.

At the age of 12, she swears her Undying Loyalty towards voice actor, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and was the launcher of his trivia subpage (until trivia subpages were deemed unnecessary). Since she is on her 23rd anniversary of pure long-running fandom of Hiyama, you can predict a 97% chance of her popping around an anime, manga, or game trope with his name credited to the work.


On this wiki, she is first and foremost, An Art Museum Curator and Wiki Feng Shui Master. Therefore, she has the uncontrollable urge of making images all set in equal size, and crystal clear; along with their trope pages neatly organized. If the previously submitted main page image of her interest appears in poor quality, she might even take them to Photoshop and repair it to bedazzlingly high quality.


Pages she's committed to long-term fostering:


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