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I have left the wiki due to a frustrating issue in which someone thought I made a YKTTW to mock him. We cleared things up, but it attracting the attention of a mod leading him to delete it, and ban me. I apparently still banned in YKTTW, and the ordeal combined with a YKTTW ban that I presume is permanent has made me frustrated I am leaving the wiki, probably forever (excluding perhaps occasionally stopping by to see if my YKTTW is still around).


I don't know when I got my handle, but my recent edits page goes back to April 30th. If you know when I became a troper, or simply activity I have done before April 30th please edit this yourself, I have left. I am currently working on my own series, for fun. Given how often I usually see things through to the end, don't count on me finishing it. Sadly I have not been able to come up with a magic system complex enough to satisfy me and fits with the ideas I already have down simultaneously .

About page images: On I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin! I tried to have this (or an image like it) become the trope page image (along with a quote along the lines of pfft gateway drugs. However there was almost no feedback, which was why the proposal was taken down. If I get enough positive feedback (PM me), I'll resubmit the proposal. I did see a good alternate image for Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory and am keeping my eyes open for it (even though I don't remember what it looks like). I do know of what might make a good image for Villain World (its a picture of an Obviously Evil version of earth, from Fairly Odd Parents), however I don't know how to get a better image of it than a crude screenshot. Please tell me if you know where the image of Screwed by the Network is from on the off chance I come back.


I am sponsoring the following YKTTW:

Favorite tropes (will add more later):

Tropes I like:


Tropes I despise, yes I do know about that page but if you are using one of these tropes, I think you are probably doing something wrong:

Pages I Like:

Pages I don't Like:

  • The 'Fridge' Series of pages. Its that its something that occurs to you a while after the show. Many-things linked to these pages I noticed immediately upon seeing the trope in play, while others never occurred to me at all. I think it needlessly has a personalized requirement. Which makes the whether or not the pothole is applied correctly inconsistent between tropers.
  • Reluctant Mad Scientist, the page is very flawed, its name and its criteria contradict each other. I started a trope repair shop on it but it got closed down for because the thread was stag net. I was pushing to fix it, but since i am leaving the wiki its Somebody Else's Problem.

Well its been fun. Bye.


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