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I made this page back in 2013. It's strange coming back to this in 2017. I will keep this page mostly intact for posterity and because I find my naivety and self-depreciating tone hilarious. I have done a lot more edits since I made this page. Probably fixed hundreds of small problems as well as some bigger edits and fixed a few broken pages. Maybe made a media page or two, but it doesn't really matter. I just have so much fun here. TV Tropes has definitely enhanced my life.


So any ways. I am making a very quick post to show what I have made and what I will make. Please and thank you for respecting my page. My wish to moderate will never be granted so I will contribute to the best of my abilities and inform the tropers of the rules of the site even as I may disobey them occasionally without knowledge of it. (Maybe get some of my old posts deleted or changed from when I was a newbie. A guy/gal went out searching for one to get back at me for reprimanding him/her. I respectfully thanked him/her...)

I have created:

and have launched them and:

I have also fixed the description of:


Apparently, I inspired the name change of:

I have spent many hours (in a 24 hour period) fixing up:

I have spent many hours (in a 24 hour period) replacing old trope names with the name ones:

I made a works page for:

I made new Creator Pages for (they weren't in the right namespace):

I fixed the namespace of:

These will continue under the dutiful eyes of the moderators, though they may hate me occasionally.

Rules of thumb when writing examples:


This is a little guide on how I write examples and why I do it. Some of these rules are recommended by the Admin pages. Others are what I found to make things easier. Others are just grammar rules. This is not in order of importance.

  • Do not have more than three bullet points on an example i.e. *** as three bullet points is does the same thing as three plus.
  • Do not used a fragment when it adds nothing of value to an example and is not funny. If it can be part of the last sentence then put them together.
  • If two sentences are closely related, but you don't want to connect them with a conjunction (and, but, or, thus, etc.), do not use a dash to separate them. Use a semicolon.
  • Colons are used when making a list.
  • Do not with natter.
  • Add context to an example.
  • Ellipses are made with three periods... Any more than that wastes space. If you are cutting out some part of a quote, then you can use an ellipses, not a period, plus a space, then an ellipses. Thats just takes more time to write. You don't need double ellipses (i.e. "That just doesn't do... ...We'll'' have to make it work.) A space goes after a ellipses, not before.
  • E.g. and i.e. both mean "for example," but the "i" in "i.e." doesn't get capitalized. Used E.g. if you are using one of them for the beginning of a sentence (this one is less important).
  • Quotes can be made with one dash (->) and the speaker can be marked with two (-->. You do not need to use more than that (in the quote page or the quote for the top of the page). You can make the speaker's name smaller, however, by using less dashes on the former and more dashes on the latter. It is rare to need this function. Put a space after the arrow. Use at least two dashes for quotes and three for the speakers in the examples section.
  • When I grammar/spell check, I use microsoft word. You have to skip a lot of Wiki Words (use the "add to dictionary" function and "ignore rule"), but it IS quicker than scanning the document. You can use this to your advantage.
  • Microsoft word gets annoyed when they isn't a space after colons. So when using the strike function or spoiler function, put a space after it. This will not mess up the document by adding an extra space when you save it, but it will remember that space when you go to edit the page (making things easily to find and read). Microsoft word has no problem with urls. Some functions need the to NOT have spaces before or after colons. Again, this is not true of strike or spoilers.
  • The spoilers function does not contain an "s" as it usually hides just one spoiler.
  • Use proper spelling, but respect how different counties write words (i.e. "arse" and "programme").
  • Using a web browser, like Firefox, that has a spelling correction feature will save you from many headaches.
  • If you have to go back and rewrite an example you just wrote or fixed, USE THE PREVIEW BUTTON. It is annoying having to go read five revisions to make sure the initial point is still there and that there was no trolling.
  • If you are adding information to an example that is not natter, then add it directly to the example. Do not use a bullet point. If there are more than one example of a trope's use in a work, THEN you can use double and triple bullet points.
  • Discussion goes in the discussion page or the forums, not on the main page.
  • Try contacting another troper if there is a disagreement on an edit. If s/he doe not respond or changes it back without cause or justification, then report him/her on Ask The Tropers. You can also use the tools of the left side of the screen to check their most recent edits.

This list is not here to reprimand anyone. It's her to make lives easier. Good luck tropes. (feel free to edit these rules if you want to add or correct something, but do not change any part of the page besides that even if it is a spelling error. I may take it the wrong way or misspelled something intentionally).

I plan to make Pages for:

  • xefpatterson or Tha Cliff
  • Your Favorite Martian
  • Mr. Weebl