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I, Dinru S. Farore, hereby pledge my eternal allegiance to PLATTER!

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  • Um... okay? I'll try. But that could be hard.

Hello. I'm Dinru S Farore. I am a female-ish feminine humanoid type substance. I live somewhere on the toxic waste dump known as the "Planet" Earth, on the landmass called North America, which is odd because there is a North America, a South America, and yet the only "Americans" come from my home country of the United States (of America, no less!). I am pansexual in sexual identity, but I generally refer to myself as bisexual for simplicity's sake. I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful boy that I love very, very much. If you would like to know more about me personally (age, exact location, etc.), tough luck.


I have an intense love of Anime, Video Games, Manga, Webcomics, and Cartoons. I tend to plant Poison Oak Epileptic Trees in WMG sections. You'll probably see most of my edits in those areas. I also fancy myself a bit of an artist and a programmer. I dunno. Oh, and I'm writing a novel. It's unpublished, but you can find more info if you want here. I'm also making an RPG Maker game called I Want To Be Your Moon.

Feel free to leave a comment on my discussion page or drop me a line.

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