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Hello. This is a contributor page. All craftstropership is of the highest quality. I hope you like it here.

How'd I get here? Well, I found the evil overlord list one day, and I started clicking the links...



     Mad Science and Other Bit of Villainy 
Because we all have our eeeevil moods.

Eeeevil plans (To-do):

     Studies in Trope 
My tropology lab.

     Tropology papers 
A-1. Darkpaw's Law of Cynicism
  • People concentrate on bad things more than good ones.
  • My corollary: The main idea sticks more if it is disturbingly non-traditional.
  • The 5Ws and 1H corollaries of darkfic writers: (Pending confirmation)
    • Who? Anti Heros are critically praised more than flat out heroes.
    • What? The more cynical the story, the higher the rates.
    • When? Critically acclaimed stories take place at night.
    • Where? No critically acclaimed story took place in Arcadia.
    • Why? The more pointless, the more your story will be hailed as a tale of 'the futility of war'.
    • How? The more depressing the ending, the more impressed the reviewers.
A-2. Schrodinger's Law of Memory
  • You don't know if you remember what you learned in middle school unless you're trying to remember it.
  • Finagle's addendum: If there's a chance you heard something in middle school wrong, you probably did.
  • Murphy's addendum: If there is no use for the knowledge you got in middle school, the problem is that the school is wasting time to teach it to you.
  • The friend corollary: If your friend from middle school doesn't remember it, you probably don't either.
A-3. 'Hierarchy of Ideas' Theorem
     Experiment file 
EXP 001
  • Result:
    • Elisabel: A film about a Five-Man Band, with The Hero's former friend being the villain. Over the course of the film, there are flashbacks to when the hero and Big Bad were friends, which show the big bad to be a Poisonous Friend.
    • I-Teleported-Bread: The Big Bad, instead of being a former friend, is in fact the hero's father, a fact which is known from the beginning of the film. Other villains are also related to the main cast. The film is now filled with Unfortunate Implications that family members aren't to be trusted.
  • Conclusion: Even changing the central theme a little bit causes quite a few changes.

EXP 002

  • Result:
    • Upon being communicated with, the entity in Pandora's Second Box spoke with hostility, and constantly made threats. No meaningful conversation could be had between it and Revyark, though it is certain that this entity is looking for someone to open the box. It also listed a few complaints against my assistant, citing him as a reason it wants to be released.
  • Conclusion: As it is rather hostile, no more attempts to communicate with it will be had. Assistant will be reprimanded for whatever he did to make the entity feel that way.
     Wondrous machines and Other Curiosities 

The Simulation Machine

A machine designed to run simulations based on popular genres and media forms. Subjects can enter simulations through a non-lethal form of Brain Uploading, where the information in their brain is merely copied into their 'avatar' and the existing body put into a temporary coma (WITHOUT REM dreams, those just cause confusion) which ends upon ejecting from the machine. Also upon ejection, the current conscious and the conscious copy are compared, and then synchronized.

The Somnograph

A machine that allows beings to communicate from a state of unconscious. There are two versions of the machine in my lab.

The first is the classic version. This one works by sending signals into the brain during REM dreaming, which the brain will interpret as the visual form of the somnograph, which will then appear in your dream. When the somnograph is interacted with in the dream, the frequency changes a bit, which is recorded on the real-world terminal of the somnograph. I then interpret the frequencies into a message.

The second version is built into the simulation machine. Instead of being brainwave frequencies, the 'dream' version of the somnograoh is instead made up of code. Instead of having frequencies to translate, the somnograph is coded to send the exact message typed into it in the sim to the main computer, which I can print with no translation required.

The Universal Measurements (Ongoing project)

When an item is put into the box and placed between the wires, is scans it for length, height, and width. Then, it weighs it using the built-in scale. The wires activate, and spring up to detect if there is a electricnote  current. If they find one, they measure the intensity, voltage and resistance. More measurements are there, you just have to play around with it a bit.

The Second Pandora's Box

A capsule containing a being descending from the original Pandora's Box. My research assistant is responsible for the containment and research, although he will be under more scrutiny this time.
     For Science!-type projects 

Project: Adserver Therapy.

A journey into the thing that journeys into our minds based on our search history. Communication lines are my search history, and waiting for Adserver to respond. Though enough 'conversation', Adserver will gain sentience!

Other projects

     Bad Neko Resurrection: Emblems with Loneliness 
Bad Neko Resurrection is an experiment with making a story entirely out of random generators. More offshoot experiments, focused on certain types of gens and gen sites upcoming.