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Troper Wall / Caliburn Absolute EX

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Apparently I need to make the wall first? Dunno what's up with that, I thought others could do it just fine. Oh well, it's a learning experience, I suppose.

  • The first vandalism is mine! Don't have too much to say, except... Hi there. ^^ - Sazandora
    • I apologize for not responding earlier, thank you for the initial graffiti! Ooh, now that sounds like A Good Name for a Rock Band... - Caliburn
  • What's your favorite? ~ BaconZorp
  • Hi ~ Halberdier17
    • Well hello there! - Caliburn
  • "My name is Ellis, but most people call me 'Ellis.' But I really prefer 'Ellis,' 'cause 'Ellis' sounds kinda like a girl's name, but if you prefer to call me 'Ellis,' you can." -Ellis
    • Okay. Nice to meet you, "Ellis". - Caliburn
  • =3
    • Well yes, that does indeed equal three. Three of what, I'm not sure. - Caliburn
  • Hello, my name is Miki Sayaka, but most people call me Sayaka-chan. As you can tell, I'm a Magical Girl. - Mhazard
  • I know what you did, Caliburn. I know what you did. ;) -Somebody
    • I did many things. Perhaps be more specific? - Caliburn
  • Hey there! Have some early-March-morning vandalism! ~Elisabel
    • Hello, thanks for writing all over my wall! - Caliburn
  • -enters, accompanied by Dramatic Thunder and Ominous Pipe Organ- ...Hi. =3 DrNoPuma
    • Good day, my fine sir! You know, it has occurred to me that we should probably talk more often. - Caliburn
  • I HAVE INVADED YOUR CASTLE- I mean, troper page, TO STEAL YOUR HEART! SHOW ME YOUR TRUE FORM!- Revaryk- I mean, the mysterious Phantom Thief R!
    • Hah! Joke's on you, my heart's in a different castle! But since you came all this way, I suppose I could stand to entertain you. A host must make his guest feel at home, after all. Let's get this started, shall we? *Fight Woosh* - Caliburn
    • I HAVE RETURNED!- Revaryk, who sucks at Phantom Thievery.
  • Hey, how are we gonna split ownership of this thing? 50/50? 60/40? 99.99/0.01? - TropesForever
    • You can have the majority since it's your image with my text overlaid on it. Also, how long has this been here? I didn't notice this until just now (June 27th, for posterity) - Caliburn
  • Hello and Happy very belated birthday! -Dauthium_Silencer
    • Uh, it's still my birthday, actually, but thank you nonetheless! - Caliburn
  • I must say, I'm quite surprised I haven't put a thing upon this wall! I have! ...why, doesn't this feel like a waste... Noli~
    • holy shit i forgot that this exists - caliburn
    • Also, thank you! Probably should've said that first, huh? - Caliburn again, this time with proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Hi, there. You have been classed as a provoker of war and conflict. Henceforth, I shall commence armed intervention against you, in my trusty Gundam. - Convoy.
    • Well, thanks for the heads-up. - Caliburn
  • Ahoy! Be ye a fellow gentleman of fortune, or be ye a lily-livered land lubber? - iflewaway
  • Hi. How are you on this fine day? -Bluethorn
  • The writing is on the wall, Caliburn. I trust you know what this means, because I don't. — TropesForever

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