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Mhazard (Marco Hazard) is your everyday ordinary troper.

He started out as a toy photographer, as well as a Play-by-Post Game roleplayer in The Elder Scrolls Sandbox Wiki, he took a visit to TV Tropes for no apparent reason and decided to settle in the site and began his lifelong career of trope studying. In recent days, he started Hunters Dream Roleplay Wikia, which became a sister wiki after his rejoining of The Elder Scrolls Sandbox.

He is also a gamer with a sense of creativity, it's better not to list what games he played, or else the list would overload this page. But at least, we can tell that he's a huge fan of Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Doom and Monster Hunter. Apparently he also likes playing games with Level Editor.

Ever since he begin studying the tropes, he begins exploiting it on various occasion, be it on his drawing, roleplaying, gaming, and even Real Life situation.


Whoever thinks that he only talks in third person must be troubled by a severe naivete.

His Facebook, Discord and YouTube accounts can be found here.

For the characters he generated through RPG Maker MV Character Creator, they can be found here.

For additional information and tropes that may apply to Mhazard, head to his Troper Wall and edit the page.

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