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Trivia / Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

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  • Content Leak:
    • About an hour before the big reveal, a Paradox associate accidentally posted the game's logo and an invitation to the official community Discord server on Twitter; the tweet was quickly deleted and the server was emptied of members. That said, the sheer unlikelihood of a direct Bloodlines sequel still sent certain corners of the internet into a frenzy.
    • The Malkavian clan trailer was discovered a few days before its intended launch as an unlisted YouTube video.
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  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The game will have the Unsanctioned Blood Pack Edition and the Blood Moon Edition. The former comes with 24 hour early access, bonus outfits, in-game art books, and a stop sign. The latter comes with all of the former's content, as well as all DLC including the Season of the Wolf expansion.
  • Role Reprise: Courtenay Taylor returns as Damsel.
  • Schedule Slip: The game was delayed in October 2019 from March 2020 to late 2020, then pushed back to 2021, then delayed into 2022.
  • Sequel Gap: With the game's release set for 2022, there will be a gap of over 17 years between this game and the original.
    • In-unverse while not clear how long in the pre-release footage so far, it has been shown that some time has passed and modern smartphones of the 2010s and 20s are present instead of the 2004 accurate cell phones of Bloodlines 1.
  • Troubled Production: To the point that it has now been more troubled than the first game's.
    • Chris Avellone, long respected by western CRPG fans for writing games like Planescape: Torment and Fallout: New Vegas, was brought on to the team. This was seen as a good thing and helped sooth fears that the game's writing would not live up to the original... until 2020, where Avellone was among a slew of industry figures accused of sexual harassment and assault. Paradox wasted no time cutting ties with Avellone, stating that his contributions would be immediately removed. Reports vary about how much he had contributed to the game; Paradox officially stated it was minor, but others have suggested he had written major parts of the game prior to his removal. Avellone himself later released a statement showing that he did write a significant portion of the game, all of which was reportedly thrown out.
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    • Bad news continued through 2020 as Lead Narrative Designer Brian Mitsoda, a lead developer from the first Bloodlines who had pitched Bloodlines 2 in the first place, was abruptly let go (to his own frustration and surprise), along with Creative Director Ka'ai Cluneynote  after putting five years of work into the project. Ironically, Mitsoda had been the central figure throughout 2's entire marketing campaign; Paradox used his person extensively to advertise it at cons and engage consumers. The official word is that his work remains despite his departure, but this disheartening news had a souring effect in the Bloodlines community all the same. Ka'ai was publicly replaced around the same time by Alexandre Mandryka, who worked on a wide variety of projects such as the original Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and several licensed products such as Naruto Rise of Ninja, the video game tie in for the 2007 TMNT film and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, a resume which some looked at as ill-fitting the narrative focused RPG promised.
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    • Cara Ellison, who had replaced Mitsoda as Narrative Designer, also suddenly departed the project in October 2020, further fueling fears of development going horribly awry. Ellison was replaced by Mass Effect: Andromeda writer Samantha Wallschlaeger. Given Andromeda's lacklustre reputation, this was not seen as a good sign.
    • Then, in February 2021, it was announced that Hardsuit Labs was no longer in charge of the project, and the game was being handed to a yet-unnamed developer. Paradox pushed the game back to 2022, and suspended pre-orders until a new release window could be confirmed.
  • Un-Canceled:
    • Given the original game infamously bombed due to being released unfinished, and the creator's Troika Games went under shortly after, a sequel was highly unlikely, especially after more than a decade had passed. However, the game's popularity as a Cult Classic Vindicated by History was so impressive that Paradox Interactive, after buying the right for the franchise, decided to bring the franchise back to life.
    • Happened again after it was taken from Hardsuit Labs. Initially, the plan was to scrap the game but a new studio has since been given it to finish.
  • Working Title: Project Frasier.
  • Write What You Know: The people in charge of the game declared they chose Seattle as a setting because that's where their studio was based, thus allowing them to represent it faithfully.