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YMMV / Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

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  • Awesome Music: The main theme is a reworking of the first game's menu music by returning composer Rik Schaffer.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The Auspex Discipline was infamously made a Tier-Induced Scrappy in the first game due to taking away the more useful and unique aspects it had in the tabletop game (in particular the Astral Projection), leaving only underwhelming near-useless abilities aside from a small Wits and Perception bonus that was a pain to use properly due to the game's interface. This game apparently made a point of retooling it to be much more useful, adding the aforementioned Astral Projection, along with Vein-o-Vision and captions allowing you to see what's important gameplay-wise in your surrounding.
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    • Presence had similarly been decried for being reduced to a not very dramatic buff in combat, which was underwhelming not only when compared to its tabletop game counterpart, but also other Disciplines in the game. What has been revealed so far of it in this game indicate it will now be much more powerful, allowing you to freeze and attract entire crowds around you.
  • Broken Base: The choice to make only five of the Clans playable in the base game (in contrast with the original game, which gave you access to all seven Camarilla ones), with the other two only only being promised as future DLCs. Some, in particular fans of the Nosferatu and Gangrel, are annoyed that their favourite Clans got the shaft, and criticize this choice as a typical cheap way from the company to make more money out of the game. Others aren't bothered since the two Clans will still become playable later anyway, and point out that reducing the number of starting Clans will allow to focus better on other more important elements.
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  • Narm: The Malkavian at the climax of the Alternate Reality Game video had hair at least two feet tall. Intended to look like a mohawk, it looked more like an incredibly tall pillar-like beehive hairdo.
  • Tainted by the Preview: A pre-alpha build of the game had a playable demo at 2019's E3, which was praised for its atmosphere and character writing. Unfortunately, what most people took away from it was the less-than-stellar gameplay, courtesy of a very poor playthrough by IGN that brought to the fore some clunky, unpolished combat and janky animations; one particularly unflattering gif of the player unloading a clip of ammo into a mook's head and not a single bullet connecting quickly went viral. The same demo played through by other media sites was much better received, although worries that 2 looks set to barely, if at all improve on its predecessor's weakest aspect persist.
  • Win the Crowd:
    • The concept of the Player Character being a thin-blood was instantly contentious, with some fans worrying that their vampire's identity would thus be railroaded, divorcing from the much-beloved clan system. The devs quickly confirmed that the player will still choose their clan, only that it wouldn't be immediate, and that character creation would occur twice: once for your human base, and again for your vampiric traits.
    • One of the things everyone agreed in the original game to be bad was the combat system, which was seen as clunky and not very dynamic. When this sequel was announced, the devs made a point of clarifying the combat system would be highly improved this time.
    • A common minor complain about the original game was that you never were given any explanation about who the Fledgling's Sire was and why they illegally embraced them, instead having them killed early in the game and never mentioned again, with many fans feeling this was wasted potential, especially given how Sires were a rich source of lore and story in the tabletop game. Based on what we know about the sequel's story, finding out who Embraced the new protagonist and why will now be a major plot point of the story.
    • Trailers officially confirmed that the fan favorite clan, the Malkavians, will be a playable clan once again.
    • Nosferatu are in the game, and one of them, Slugg, is actually a Nos thinblood.


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