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  • During the announcement keynote, one of the writers said that the game would have "Bigger, longer sewers. Just sewers. Only sewers."
  • Some of the Discipline descriptions on the site incorporate amusing comments:
  • During the Malkavian reveal podcast, Paula, Paradox’s event manager for the game, revealed that Brian Mitsoda, that episode’s special guest, would be at PDX-Con to interact with fans along with the rest of the Hardsuit Labs team. Cue Brian’s puzzled expression before admitting that nobody had actually told him that until just now.
  • One of the dialogue branches dealing with a Nosferatu informant named Slugg is Coercion, saying the PC can cut off his legs and drag him or he can just come peacefully.
    • Talking to another Nosferatu earlier, (named Samuel) he takes it pretty graciously if the player is rude to him. He clearly gets more annoyed if the player is actually polite to him, which he takes as insincere.
      Samuel: How about you tone down the politeness, Teddy Bear? You're not fooling anyone.
    • There's also the line about Slugg supposedly 'having met the business end of a salt shaker.'
  • The protagonist's dancing makes Commander Shepard look like Fred Astaire. What's better? The dance is an exact replica of the dance in Bloodlines 1; according to the devs, their sound engineer — who loves dancing — was mo-capped imitating the dance. They also noted he came up with a couple of weird dances that won't be in the game.
  • There is something amusing about the fact that Andy Milder (who played the prissy, hands off Prince LaCroix in the original game) is back... playing Samuel, a cynical Nosferatu with an eighties fashion sense.
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  • On that note, the head of the Camarilla in 1 was La Croix. The head of the Camarilla in 2 is... Cross. Which is "Croix" in French.
  • In the recap video for Bloodlines 2 at PDX-Con, they released a spreadsheet comparing the way Bloodlines 2 feels when compared to famous RPG's such as Witcher and Mass Effect.
    Mass Effect: Everyone seems to know your name.
    Witcher: Everyone knows a Witcher on sight.
    Bloodlines 2: People constantly ask who you are and why you're here.
  • Brian Mitsoda showed the audience at PDX-Con a worksheet page titled 'dumb questions you have asked brian mitsoda' that apparently belongs to Cara Ellison, another writer on the game. Among them are 'do vampires wear socks?' and 'what is Kool-Aid?'
  • It's quite hilarious to find that Valve, against all odds, did indeed announce a new Half-Life game. What's even more hilarious is that it was slated for Q1 2020 as well, meaning the change of release date for Bloodlines ended up being more significant to history than previously thought.

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