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Trivia / The Outer Worlds

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  • Alternate Company Equivalent:
  • Dueling Games:
    • While the developers have rejected this, Jim Sterling and many others have said this is very much like a shot across the bow for a war with Bethesda over their handling of the Fallout franchise, particularly their Epic Fail accusations with Fallout 76.
    • With Cyberpunk 2077, given that they're both sci-fi FPS-RPG's with an emphasis on choice and originally were going to be released within months of each other. This has died down since their release dates have moved from each other to the point where they're no longer competing.
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  • Fan Nickname: Some fans have already taken to calling the unnamed protagonist "The Passenger" after the Iggy Pop song that plays in the trailer (and in a nod to previous Fallout protagonists). The character's official moniker is "The Unplanned Variable".
  • Release Date Change: The Nintendo Switch version was due for release on March 6, 2020. However, just one month away from release, Virtuos, the external development team handling the port, had to close their offices, as studios in question were in China, and thus impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. It was later given a new release date of June 5, 2020.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • An extensive subplot about corporate espionage had to be cut for time.
    • In the initial reveal trailer and concept art, the character of Phineas Welles resembled the conventional wacky scientist archetype with grey hair, such as from Back to the Future and Rick and Morty. By the E3 2018 trailer his hair was darkened and his face was made to look somewhat younger.
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    • Ellie was the first companion shown in the trailers, meaning that she was going the first companion the player was going to recruit in the starting planet. However, she was replaced with Parvati as the first companion and Ellie was instead moved to the Groundbreaker and was changed to a more cynical and opportunistic Chaotic Neutral Deadpan Snarker.
    • The Emerald Vale Community Center, site of an early game mission involving retrieving medicine for a citizen of Edgewater, was originally envisioned as the "Emerald Vale Community Center & Brothel" to illustrate the 24th century's nonchalant attitude towards sexuality. The developers were unable to implement the idea satisfactorily and dropped it.
    • Romance subplots between the player and companion characters were considered, but ultimately abandoned due to time constraints.
    • The developers briefly considered having the day/night cycle on some planets affect the activity and variety of local wildlife.
    • The developers made a deliberate decision to not create mini-games for hacking and lockpicking, since such mini-games have proven divisive in other RPG's.
    • Browsing the game files reveals that a number of quests in Byzantium didn't make it to the final product, which accounts for how sparse the city is compared to earlier hubs.


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