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Awesome Music / The Outer Worlds

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  • The gameplay trailer, with ELIA EX's "Rattle the Cage", fits with the theme of fighting back against The Board or just causing chaos and the song is an absolute banger.
  • The absolutely gorgeous main theme, "Hope", by composer Justin E. Bell. Channeling its inner Star Trek and Stargate, it's very likely you won't want to leave the main menu as the theme progresses with its overwhelmingly amazing flutes that are gradually accompanied by an entire orchestra of strings, violins, and horns. Welcome to the future! ...Now try not to break it.
  • Edgewater's incredibly beautiful piano theme that sometimes comes back throughout your journey in Emerald Vale. It's a gorgeous leitmotif, and those strings, oh yes.
  • Groundbreaker is a fantastic ambient piece with a pronounced horn and subdued strings throughout the track that does a fantastic job of emphasizing the titular ship's independence from The Board, as well as easing you into what is essentially the main hub for much of your adventure.
  • Amber Heights with its slow, mournful strings and gentle piano interludes, really illustrates the bitter struggle the Iconoclasts face trying to survive on Monarch.
  • The best possible way to reflect on your journey throughout the entire game? The aptly named "Journey's End", of course. Whereas the ending slide theme of Fallout 3 and New Vegas had a somewhat bleak and scary tone to it, "Journey's End" is a beautifully uplifting and almost tear-jerking piece that, as it progresses becomes more and more hopeful, with the horns in the one minute mark really hammering home that, yeah, you won. Be it by getting the Golden Ending or the Downer Ending depending on your playstyle.
    Dr. Welles laid the groundwork for the project to save the colony, but he would never live to see the fruits of his labor. He passed away a few years later. His work was carried on by the scientists and engineers he revived.