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Nightmare Fuel / The Outer Worlds

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  • Hearing your teammates screaming in pain when hit with status effects like corrosion can be pretty unnerving.
  • The mission "Why Call Them Back From Retirement" has the Unplanned Variable investigating a new district of Byzantium exclusively established for workers who've won a lottery for early retirement. All the glitz and glam from the area's entrance quickly disappears as you take an elevator down to the "district" which slowly becomes more decrepit as the announcer on the PA grows distorted. The ride culminates in a dark floor where automechanicals await to murder anyone who enters, the blood, bones and bodies of "retirees" still littering the floor. Truly a nightmarish scheme from the Board to Kill the Poor.
  • Sophia Akande's plan for dealing with Edgewater if Adelaide becomes mayor. Viewing the town as a haven for dissidents instead of a loyal company town, she has the Unplanned Variable use automechanicals to slaughter every person in the city, including all the NPCs the player met. Akande also confirms something most players who investigated the geothermal plant had probably already expected: That Spacer's Choice had used the same strategy earlier on the plant itself and its workers to cash in on the insurance, since it wasn't profitable enough in their eyes.
    • In fact, the employee who came up with the scheme got promoted due to their Outside-the-Box Tactic.
  • The full story of the Hope and why it never reached Halcyon. Engine troubles took it out of skip space, meaning five additional decades were added to the ship's journey, while the crew only had enough food rationed for one more year. What followed was a civil war where most of the crew became cannibals bringing frozen passengers out of hibernation to eat them. You can even come across the larder the cannibals use full of blood and empty cryopods. The only reason the Hope made it to Halcyon at all is because the captain and pilot remained sane enough to keep the ship on course.
  • The Spacer's Choice Human Inquiry & Auditing facility from the Peril on Gorgon DLC. Spacer's Choice took "volunteers" from the incarceration centre on Tartarus and subjected them to numerous tests with their drug Adrena-Time. This involved pumping them full of the stuff until they went completely insane, becoming extremely violent and constantly demanding more of it. The ones that were deemed too difficult to control were subsequently terminated and their corpses tossed into a human trash compactor, where they were mulched into cubes and thrown out with the rest of the garbage. The worst part is that the subjects that survived are still there, abandoned and forced to live a meaningless existence of primitive savagery. If you decide to bring them with you, your companions will comment on just how utterly nightmarish and evil the entire operation was. There's an added bit of Fridge Horror since it turns out this is the origin of the Marauders seen throughout the game. All of them were victims of Spacer's Choice's callousness and greed.

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