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Trivia / The League of Gentlemen

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  • Actor Allusion: In season 2, British stand-up comedian: Roy Chubby Brown played the foul mouthed mayor of Royston Vassey, which was named after him as "Royston Vassey" is his full name.
  • Completely Different Title: In Korea, the show is called Psycho Village. When the guys found out, they liked it so much they used the name for their next show, Psychoville.
  • Fake Nationality: Steve Pemberton plays German Wolff Lipp.
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  • Jossed: Though it is never revealed what "special stuff" consists of, many have assumed that it is human meat. The writers have denied this, stating that they can think of "nothing more mundane than cannibalism", and indicating that it is something much worse, while also claiming it is possible to determine its identity from clues in the series.
  • Star-Making Role: For Mark Gatiss.
  • The Other Darrin: Chloe and Radclyffe are played by a different pair of twins in the 2017 series than the original. This is most likely because The League themselves were unable to track down the original twins.
  • Write Who You Know:
    • Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton once had a Greek landlord called Peter Papalazarou, who was always unwilling to speak to Reece. He would always demand to talk to Steve, even when he wasn't there, hence Papa Lazarou's eternal quest to speak to Dave. (Steve talks about it here.
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    • The Legz Akimbo theatre troupe are based on the League members' experiences in community theatre, and Pauline is based on an actual restart officer Reece Shearsmith had.
    • The Dentons are loosely based on real relatives of Jeremy Dyson, who went to stay with his relatives who told him to make himself at home, but found himself breaking lots of rules that he didn't know existed.
    • Herr Lipp is believed to be based on a hospital chaplain Steve Pemberton encountered after suffering a heart attack in Germany and Pauline is primarily based on a restart officer of Reece Shearsmith's.
    • Tubbs and Edward were based on a real incident which occurred when the cast visited a small shop. The woman behind the counter acted scared, like they were about to rob her.
  • You Look Familiar: Almost everyone in a single town looks like Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton or Reece Shearsmith.


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