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Headscratchers / The League of Gentlemen

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  • We learn in the final episode that Papa Lazarou's Evil Plan is to turn people into circus animals. So how come the animals don't just turn on him?
    • Because they are screaming, I always assumed that they were in pain once Papa Lazarou's plan was put into place. Also- Papa Lazarou is terrifying- nobody would want to cross him. Besides, it's funnier this way.
    • It seems more like they're trapped inside rather than transformed into the various animals, i.e. without the ability to control their actions. That's the Nightmare Fuel!
  • Why are Tish and Robert friends, when she is a patronising Fag Hag and he is a Straight Gay with no time for stereotypes?
    • Possibly she started off being a fairly normal person, friends with Robert first, then started becoming friends with people who encouraged her faghag persona, and now uses it with everyone out of habit. Not entirely sure that this is the case, because it'd take a long time for someone to develop habits as annoying and patronising as Tish's.
      • I always thought it was more of a case that Tish just kind of glommed on to Robert and the friendship is one-sided, with him unable to get rid of her.

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