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  • Career Resurrection: Was this for Editec, now known as Sony Bend, given they only made two games before this of them being the infamous Bubsy 3D. Most of their games have been critical hits since then.
  • Creator Backlash: Lead developer Michael Berlyn has gone on to say that he was not happy with the first game. He even asked for his name to be removed from the credits, though he's still listed under the Special Thanks section.
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  • Executive Meddling: The Omega Strain was originally going to be a multiplayer-only game. It wasn't until near the end of the game's development that the developers were told to add the single player mode.
  • Follow the Leader: Some felt that the first Syphon Filter was poor man's GoldenEye 007 or Metal Gear Solid. While there are some similarities, the first game stood well on its own and eventually became popular in its own right as the series went on.
  • Franchise Killer: John Garvin has officially stated that there will be no further Syphon Filter games, due to the relatively poor sales of Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow.
  • The Other Darrin: Mara had four different voice actress in the first four games. Lian was voiced by Ava Fang in the first game, and then by Zoe Galvez in 2 and 3. Starting with The Omega Strain, almost all the returning characters (except for Teresa Lipan) were recast with more famous voice actors.
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  • Too Soon: 3 was originally going to be released on September 25, 2001. However, due to 9/11, the game release date was pushed back to November 6. In addition, the original cover for the game had Gabe and Lian in the middle of a firefight inside a building with the American flag in the background amidst the virus behind them. Due to the anthrax scare that occurred a week later, the cover and packaging was changed for the North American version.
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: As noted under Franchise Killer above, the relatively poor sales of Logan's Shadow played a part in the series dying off, but even if it was a success, the ending involves the possible deaths of three of the four main characters of the series, which might have made a continuation difficult anyways.

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