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Nightmare Fuel / Syphon Filter

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  • Although frying enemies with the taser is fun, their screams are pretty nightmare fuelish and might make you feel guilty, specially the ones in SF 2 and SF 3.
    • And there's something really wrong in tasing Lian or any friend of Gabe to flames...
  • Any level that takes place after an explosion are sure to have at least one or two enemies simply coming out of the darkness screaming while in flames and scaring the crap out of the player. It doesn't help that the player can burn to death if they let these guys touch them.
  • Lian Xing went through majority of the second game being infected with a seemingly incurable disease she carried from the first game.
    • She was heard coughing several times.
    • One level required her stealing an energy booster from an airbase health facility to prevent her from losing consciousness before finishing her missions.
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    • Eventually she passed out after rescuing an old friend and an important military figure from Aljir Prison.
  • Despite "Missile Silo" didn't expilicitly tell you about time limit, Gabe Logan needed to get the self destruction code for the missile under tight time limit.
    • If the player started to hear the robotic voice of countdown in Russian language, that means Gabe had narrow ten seconds to obtain the self-destruction code before the missile launched. Fail on this and it would be instant 'Mission Failed' (the missile containing viral weapons being launched, caused gigantic death off screen and possibly triggered World War 3).
  • The helicopter boss fight at the base's tower, due to the fact the helicopter uses the darkness of the night to hide, flying away and then coming back while unleashing a raging burst of fire from its machine gun at Gabe, that could kill him in seconds. Most of the time it shows up, you'll be panicking to take cover behind something before it manages to get you.
    • Worst of all? You can never predict the helicopter's movements. Sometimes there's a large gap of time between his previous attack and the other, which often results in you getting jumpscared as you go for ammo, only for the thing to slowly pop up right in front of you and blast you to swiss cheese.
  • SYPHON FILTER itself, while has potential to cure cancer, it was mostly remembered as viral weapon able to target specific genotypes, leaving certain people alive while killing only its victims.
    • Obviously many terrorist leaders and conspirators who wanted to buy the virus from Pharcom paid no attention about curing cancer.
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    • While used as viral weapon, Syphon Filter (according to an in-game researcher) was stated that the virus behaved similarly to MAD COW DISEASE and HIV.
  • Anton Girdeux's pained screams as he burns to death in his own fireproof suit, all while Gabe does an Unflinching Walk away from him. It's so horrible to listen to that it makes Gabe look like a complete sociopath in the cutscene.
  • The amount of times Gabe has killed unarmed scientists in the original trilogy reaches a worrying point. It's specially gruesome in the last level of the first Syphon Filter, where he needs to kill two scientists who actively run away from him in order to get a keycard to progress.
    • In Syphon Filter 2, you have the chance of stabbing a completely surrended scientist with your knife when you're escaping the bio lab, complete with Logan letting out a Pre-Mortem One-Liner. He really is a bit of a psychopath.

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