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  • For those with a dark sense of humor:
    • Tazing enemies until they catch fire, due to how ridiculous it is, as well as their screams.
    • Shooting enemies who is standing at the top of the building or some other high places. Their screams as they fell down can be hilarious.
  • Some of the voice acting is this, particular how Gabe's voice actor keeps trying to make Gabe sound cool and edgy, but completely forgets to add any emotion to his voice.
    • He also rushes most of his lines as well.
  • The hilarious Tazer commercial for Syphon Filter 2.
  • Rhoemer's scream as he's knocked out of the plane in Syphon Filter 3.
    • Want an even funnier scream? Gabe's yell as his elevator blows up at the end of Warehouse 76 is hysterical.
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  • At the end of the train ride mission, Gabe decides to randomly stop shooting at spooks to let one throw a grenade at him, which destroys nearly an entire portion of the train. Gabe's quote to him is the best.
    Spook: *casually lobs grenade at Logan whilst he watches*
    Gabe: NO! IDIOT!
  • In the original trilogy, the player can make Gabe cut short any radio calls from people such as Lian Xing, Benton, or even Markinson by pressing "X" button when the person on the other side of communication is still talking. And guess what, Gabe never get any punishment for that rude behavior.
    Lian: "I've got an ID match for Rhoemer on Level 1. Girdeaux is on Level 2. No location yet for Krav..."
  • Several taunts in two players mode emphasize somewhat jerkass and snarky attitude from supposed to be serious kind of people such as military figures and terrorists.
    Gabe: "Don't be a wuss!"
    Dr. Elsa: "Did I decarboxylated your phenylalanine?"
    Mujari: "You shoot like a crippled goose!"
    Rhoemer: "I'm gonna murk you up!"
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  • No one takes Lyle Stevens seriously.
    Dr. Elsa: "How did you get past lab security? Never mind. Of course you got by security. Stevens set it up after all."
    Gabe: "You're wrong, Stevens. I have the vaccine. I'll save my partner. And you're just another dead agent." *casually stare at Stevens's corpse*

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