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Trivia / Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

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  • Box Office Bomb: In the U.S.A. Budget, $45 million. Box office, $28.4 million (domestic), $70,611,210 (worldwide).
  • Creator Backlash: Sylvester Stallone made it clear that he wishes he never made this movie.
  • Creator Killer:
    • Co-writer Blake Snyder only wrote one more film, Blank Check by Walt Disney Pictures, before he vanished from Hollywood completely. He is now much more fondly remembered for his screenwriting-basics book, Save The Cat, which became the default screenwriting formula and litmus test used in Hollywood in the late 00s and early 10s. He did get an "in memory of" in DreamWorks Animation's How to Train Your Dragon years later.
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    • Estelle Getty would be restricted to The Golden Girls for the rest of her career.
  • Old Shame: Sylvester Stallone hates this movie so much that he punishes his kids by forcing them to watch it. As the man so eloquently once put it:
    Stallone: The worst film I’ve ever made by far… maybe one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we’ve never seen… a flatworm could write a better script then Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. In some countries – China, I believe – running Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot once a week on government television has lowered the birth rate to zero. If they ran it twice a week, I believe in twenty years China would be extinct.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Another crowning demonstration that Stallone cannot do comedy.
    • Oddly enough in the Mexican Spanish dub, Tutti is voiced by the late Araceli de León, who normally dubbed young girls (or boys) or middle-aged women, but rarely old women.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: In the Japanese dub, Joe and her mother Tutti are voiced (at least in the Fuji TV version) by Tessho Genda and Hisako Kyoda respectively, who already worked together in the Japanese dub of the Looney Tunes franchise as the official dub voices of Foghorn Leghorn and Granny respectively, and also Younger Toguro and Genkai respectively.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Of the directing variant; Roger Spottiswoode would later go on to direct James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • Star-Derailing Role: For both Stallone and Getty, who both won Razzies for their horrible performances. Unfortunate for Getty, as this was her first title role. It was also her last. She did not appear in another movie until 1999's Stuart Little, and she only did one more film after that before she had to retire when diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (this is the type of dementia that convinced Robin Williams to commit suicide).
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  • What Could Have Been: Supposedly, Arnold Schwarzenegger was meant to star in the lead role. This film was being made during a heated rivalry between Stallone and Arnold, and Stallone quickly joined the cast in an attempt to one-up his competition. He apparently realized too late that Arnold himself started the rumor of his casting and had tricked Stallone into working on this piece of crap. Many years later, Arnold would admit to indeed having set Stallone up that way.

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