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Trivia / Spider-Man: The Movie

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  • Ashcan Copy: The Kellogg's Mail-In PC Demo was nothing more than a re-skinned version of Spider-Man, but with the default costume being re-textured to look like the movie's costume, the intro cutscene and opening Stan Lee dialogue removed (all other cutscenes are still in the game), and it would go up to the fight with Rhino before ending.
  • Cast the Runner-Up: Josh Keaton was originally going to voice Spidey and did many of his lines, but Tobey Maguire became available at the last minute. Keaton's lines were used for Harry Osborn instead, and would go on to get his chances at playing Spidey.
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  • Creator Backlash: Jamie Fristrom, one of the designers for the game, was unsatisfied with the way the web-swinging worked since in his words, it looks like Spider-Man was flying instead of swinging as Spider-Man. The executives told him it was too late to change the mechanics as the levels were already done. He decided to use his prototype mechanics for Spider-Man 2 and worked on it with Treyarch designers.
  • Executive Meddling: In a nicer way. Jamie Fristrom wanted to change the swinging mechanics as he already developed a prototype as he was unsatisfied by the way the web-swinging worked. The executives told him it was already too late as the levels were already done and he agreed. He'd eventually decided to use the newer mechanics, albeit a prototype to be used in the second game.
  • Fan Nickname: The game's official title is just simply Spider-Man, but is often referred to as Spider-Man: The Movie to differentiate it from the 2000 video game.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Cat O'Conner replaces Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in this game.
    • Jay Gordon replaces J. K. Simmons and Randy Savage in the respective roles of J. Jonah Jameson and Bonesaw McGraw.
    • Josh Keaton replaces James Franco as Harry Osborn.
    • Peter Lurie replaces Ron Perkins as Mendell Stromm.


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