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  • Colbert Bump: "Ich will" got a huge one when it was featured in the trailer for the 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans!.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Schneider's made it clear in an interview that he finds "Pussy" to be "completely stupid", and, in a 2010 Metal Hammer interview, he thought the same of the deluxe dildo boxset of Liebe ist für alle da.
    • Flake mentioned he wasn't satisfied with Sharleen Spiteri's guest performance on "Stirb nicht von mir (Don't Die Before I Do)", and preferred the German version with their old collaborator Christiane "Bobo" Herbold (known to fans for her cameo in "Engel") instead.
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  • Dye Hard: Richard's a natural blond who kept it that way in the band's early days, but tends to keep his hair dyed black nowadays. Also, Flake has dyed his hair various different colors over the years. For a short period of time, the band was all dyed bright red.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: In the music video for "Ich tu dir weh" and during the Liebe ist für alle da tour, there is an LED light inside Till's mouth. The tech guys and band suggested that they stick a flesh-colored cable to Till's cheek, arguing that the closest the audience would be to him during the tour would be about five meters. Till, however, insisted on having a hole drilled into his cheek so they could put the cable into his mouth through it.
  • Fan Nickname: A small circle of fans gave Doom's... erm... manhood... a nickname, (Doomieconda) and it became a running joke that he has a case of Bigger Is Better in Bed. Not to mention the assorted nicknames for the band members, such as Reesh and Fly Boy for Richard, Paulchen and The Littlest Rammstein for Paul, and Tillie and Bear for Till.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The video of the Live aus Berlin performance of "Bück dich". Only some VHS tapes had it on there, later tapes and the DVD do not. One suggests looking at YouTube.
    • The early songs which either evolved into separate works or simply were not put on albums would also count. Ex: "Feuerräder", "Biest", "Jeder Lacht", etc. Some of these are included in a Spotify-exclusive rarities album.
  • Offer Void In Nebraska: Liebe ist für alle da got indexed and the song "Ich tu dir weh" had to be removed from future copies of the album to be sold without age restrictions. However, that's only effective in Switzerland, and Austria. All other countries could buy the uncensored album. Germany's ban was lifted.
  • Old Shame: The music video for their cover of "Stripped" was lifted from a Nazi propaganda film about the Berlin Olympiad, and the band has received death threats for this. The band have stated before that while they appreciate the cinematography, they absolutely disdain the politics, and somewhat regret making that video.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • The extra vocals on "Spieluhr" were performed by Richard's daughter, Khira Li Lindemannnote .
    • The whistling on "Roter Sand" and "Liese" was performed by Flake's wife, Jenny Rosemeyer.
  • Referenced by...: The American Professional Wrestling Power Stable Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes first used "Engel" as its Real Song Theme Tune.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The album Rosenrot was originally called Reise, Reise Volume Two. Half of its contents are leftovers from Reise, Reise.
    • The music video for Sonne was originally about the Hiroshima bombing. The band was watching Snow White while stoned one day, and the rest is history. Sure does put that One-Woman Wail in context...
    • In a case of "What Couldn't Have Been": Rammstein might not have been created if not for the premature curtailing of Till's potential Olympic swimming career. This was caused by a combination of a stomach injury and for sneaking out to buy porn magazines and getting caught in the act, leading to him getting kicked off the team. This is alluded to on the Völkerball cover: the emblem on it is identical to the 1980 Summer Olympics emblem, the Olympics he would have participated in. Had he competed, it's a high likelihood he would have won, seeing as that was the year the Soviet Union swept the Olympics since the United States refused to compete.
    • The Russian vocals on "Moskau" were originally supposed to be provided by t.A.T.u..

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