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  • The band's Unflinching Walk at the end of the music video for "Du hast".
  • Every time Flake or Ollie go Crowd Surfing with the inflatable dingy.
  • Early performances of "Rammstein" itself would see Till wearing a giant flaming jacket. As in, he'd sing the whole song covered in fire. What a showman!
  • Their live shows in general are made of awesome, with pyrotechnics, theatrical outfits and other good stuff. The band members have said one big reason they do this is because they have a huge international fanbase who do not understand their lyrics, so they'll compensate with visuals!
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  • For the 'Deutschland' video, they had the personification of Germany, Germania, played by black German actress Ruby Commey. One can almost see the band members flipping off everyone who objected to this casting.

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