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If we're going to list all of Rammstein's awesome music, we could just cut to the chase and say "everything." But we'll try to narrow it down to the highlights.

  • First off, the live albums: Live aus Berlin, Völkerball (which is live in Nimes, France), Rammstein in Amerika (a legendary sold-out-in-15-minutes show in Madison Square Garden) and Paris are mandatory for any Rammstein fan.
  • While all of their studio albums have supporters, 1998's Sehnsucht and 2001's Mutter are the two most preferred by fans.
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  • For individual songs, "Feuer frei!" is high-speed, essential Rammstein madness.
  • "Ohne dich," a huge Tear Jerker and proof that the band have no trouble with ballads.
  • Of course, if you've been around since the Herzeleid days, then you already knew they could tackle a ballad with gusto - "Seemann" mixes a passionate Till vocal with a strong bass melody from Ollie Riedel.
  • "Du hast" is their big crossover hit for a very good reason - an Epic Riff that could shatter the Earth's surface. In Paris, the entire "du hast" part of the song was all done by the audience.
  • The trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army had its epicness enhanced by the judicious use of "Mein Herz brennt".
  • "Asche zu Asche" is a live Rammstein staple; a blistering, thrashy number about a guy being nailed to the cross and burned alive.
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  • "Mein Teil" has a monster riff worthy of early 90s Metallica, and is probably one of the best heavy metal songs about cannibalism ever.
  • The trailer for Nymphomaniac surprises its viewers with an awesome use of "Fuhre mich".
  • If you're a Destroy All Humans! fan who's not familiar with Rammstein, you could be forgiven for thinking that "Ich Will" was composed specifically for the remake's reveal trailer. Between the lyrics and theremin, it works excellently as an Image Song for a mind-controlling alien invader, and the fact that Till's vocals sound uncannily like J. Grant Albrecht as Crypto doesn't hurt.

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