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Trivia / My Bloody Valentine

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The 1981 film:

  • Completely Different Title:
    • Spanish-speaking countries: Blood Anniversary
    • Brazil: Macabre Valentine's Day
    • France: Murders on Valentine's Day
    • Italy: Valentine's Day
    • Portugal: Blood Carnival and The Romantic Killer
  • Dueling Movies: With the The Prowler, due to some similarities.
  • Executive Meddling: Paramount infamously refused to allow the film's director to attempt to reassemble the film's original cut when the film was first released upon DVD, nor did they allow any sort of supplementary material to be filmed with the director or the actors involved in the film (as at the time, Paramount didn't think their slasher back catalog worthy of DVD extras or anything other than a bare boned release). This finally changed when Lionsgate secured the rights to the movie due to the then upcoming remake and released a new uncut version.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The film fell out of print after its initial VHS release; the DVD did so too after its release, as did the double feature disc that paired it with April Fools' Day. The Lionsgate DVD (which contains the uncensored cut of the film) was still in print before it too was pulled from circulation. Fortunately it got a reissue by Scream Factory.
  • Missing Episode: While a majority of the cut footage is restored for the 2009 DVD release (thanks to producer John Dunning keeping it safe in a storage unit), there's a good 20% of stuff that unfortunately could not be restored due to the original negative getting corroded over the years or due to scenes simply being missing. One example being Mike and Harriet's double impalement death which director Mihalka remembers filming.
    "There was a scene with the two kids in the mine and they’re joined together forever,”..... “There was a whole set up scene to that. They’re just necking and Tom’s lying on top of [Harriet] and the miner comes in and puts the [drill bit] through him. She’s got her eyes closed and thinks he’s just being a little frisky. She opens her mouth and her eyes just widen as he bleeds into her mouth. Then the miner goes whoomp! And [skewers] them both. That scene had to be taken out totally. It has disappeared and we’ll never see it.”
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  • Similarly Named Works: Besides the band, there was a slasher novel titled My Bloody Valentine released in The '90s.
  • What Could Have Been: A sequel was proposed, but ultimately declined. A treatment and/or script was apparently done for it however. Going by information that's out about it, it would have taken place in an amusement park built where the original mine killing occurred. The cut gore footage from the original was to be inserted into the sequel as flashback sequences.
  • Working Title: The Secret.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Both George Mihalka and Paul Kelman have different explanations for why TJ left the town. The former believing he did it to make a living in a different industry, only to get setback by a then recession. The latter believed he tried to go to University but failed to get in.

The band:

  • Creator Breakdown: One of the reasons for the twenty-plus-year recording process of MBV.
  • Missing Episode: According to the "Class of '91" article in November 1991's edition of Melody Maker, the band recorded two additional EPs besides Glider and Tremolo during the Loveless sessions, but scrapped them because they didn't feel they were worth releasing.
  • Enforced Method Acting: On "Isn't Anything" and "Loveless", Kevin frequently got Bilinda to record straight after waking her up. The "dreamy" quality her vocals are described as having is almost literally that.
  • No Export for You: Their music is only on Spotify in the US and Canada, as Sire Records still owns the license to their albums.
  • Referenced by...: The Show Within a Show Loveless within the universe of Final Fantasy VII is confirmed by Word of God to be a reference to the band's most acclaimed album. Not that this really needed confirmation, since the game also features a poster with the band's name on it, and the appearance of the woman on the poster in the original game is a case of Comic-Book Fantasy Casting based on the appearance of Bilinda Butcher.
  • Saved from Development Hell:
    • As seen above, there were more than two decades in between Loveless and MBV, despite the fact that the group never officially disbanded during that time. There were long periods of silence when nothing would be heard about the album at all, and Kevin abandoned it for several years, but for most of the rest of that time he was working on it. The Loveless remaster also fell victim to this, albeit to a much lesser extent.
    • Kevin has said that the Isn't Anything and Loveless remasters and the EP's 1988-1991 compilation were delayed due to Executive Meddling on Sony's behalf, and having to threaten them with getting Scotland Yard involved to get them to turn over the original multitrack tapes.
  • Troubled Production: Loveless.
    • Never mind Loveless; the twenty-year Development Hell for the third album blows that one away.


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