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Trivia / Monopoly

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The Board Game:

  • The Artifact:
    • The $200 offered by the bank every time one crosses Go. They were already offered in the original The Landlord's Game by Elizabeth Magie and were there to demonstrate the Georgist idea of the citizen's dividend, a form of basic income.
    • Possibly also the "Go back 3 spaces" Chance card, being the only card to use a generic board game instruction.
  • Development Hell: The live-action film adaptation has been on and off in production since the late 00s.
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  • Flagship Franchise: For Hasbro, being one of their most widely-known and accessible board games.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Basically, anyone who misses the Aesop mentioned on the main page. Which includes the vast majority of players.
  • Trope Namer: This board game has named the following tropes:

The Game Show:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: All 12 episodes circulate, but haven't been rerun.
  • Missing Episode: No 13th episode was taped. Instead, ABC paired the last episode of Super Jeopardy! with the debut of America's Funniest People (which had found ratings success with its aired pilot on May 1).
  • Old Shame: The 1989 pilot featured Patty Maloney playing the part of Uncle Pennybags and basically being a living token who moved per the dice rolls. The series replaced her with lights on the board.
  • One-Book Author: For Reilly.
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  • Short-Runners: Only had 12 episodes.
  • What Could Have Been: Marc Summers and Peter Tomarken are two well-respected emcees, and they were in 1990. The success of Double Dare meant that Marc was busy elsewhere, though, and Peter's clash with producers over Patty's role being treated as a thing rather than a person meant that he was gone as well.

The Pinball Machine:

  • The game has numerous ticker messages, among them being:
    • “The ELECTRIC COMPANY keeps the Bank safe from Safe Crackers
    • “Become Lost in a Zone – Play Pinball.”
    • “Game tip – collect all property to play LAND GRAB
    • “NASDAQ +230 DOW JONES +410 … We Wish”
    • Never Panic
    • “A Jackpot a day keeps boredom away”
    • Hey, it’s only Pinball
    • “The future of Solar Electricity is Bright”
    • “This sign is fun to watch”
    • “Did you know famous people play MONOPOLY?”
    • “Take a Chance – Play MONOPOLY”
    • “Boardwalk, Park Place … Not just for rich folks”
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    • “The ball is always wild” note 
    • “How many messages does this sign have, anyway?”
    • “Electric Company reports POWER ON in game”
    • "Make new friends... then beat them by playing Monopoly"
    • Even the custom operator's message can be seen (if there's one set).


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