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Trivia for the 1996 film

Trivia for the Michael Jackson album:

  • Screwed by the Lawyers: "Behind The Mask" was left off of Thriller due to disagreements over royalty shares with the management of Yellow Magic Orchestra, despite the band's approval (member and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto even recorded his own version of Jackson's rewrite in 1987). An agreement was eventually reached in time for the release of Michael; of note is that by 2010, both YMO's original label, Alfa Records (who still own the rights to most of their back-catalog), and Jackson's label, Epic Records, were under ownership of the same parent company, and that Epic held the international rights to the Alfa-era YMO albums since 2003.
    • This is likely the case with as well, as he recorded and produced several songs for MJ, and refused to let the estate release them.


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