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  • Bad Export for You:
    • The songs Reclimb, Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko, SAVIOR OF SONG and Sirius are cut in non-Japan versions of the game. That said, players who travel to Japan can still earn the icons for the former if they use their Aime card.
    • Some supported countries like the Philippines (pre-DX) use offline builds that do not allow for save data or unlocks. As compensation, they allow Master charts to be played right away instead of needing to get S ranks on Expert charts first.
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    • The US location test version of PiNK PLUS not only lacks support and is one version behind Aime-enabled cabinets, but also is missing a very large portion of the songlist. More specifically, every licensed song was wiped out, leaving only the original songs and crossover songs from other SEGA games. Also, several songs are missing their unique videos, instead replaced with generic 60 FPS backgroundsnote .
    • The game was finally imported to the U.S. in 2019, to Round 1 locations, with FiNALE as the version used. Much like the PiNK PLUS location test, it is offline and is missing several folders and all third-party songs.
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    • The international version of maimai DX is its own version (as in, player data is not cross-region compatible), and will not have a DX Pass Maker and will also be behind in song updates. This isn't all bad, since it allows Sega to more easily work around the fact that not all songs are licensable for non-Japan regions.
  • Digital Rights Management: The game refusing to show unique videos with a lot of the songs if there is no connection to All.Net, as well as Banapassport and Aime cards not being usable. Stay disconnected too long and the machine bricks itself as it's ultimate tantrum, necessitating a time consuming recovery procedure once connection to All.Net can be re-established.
  • Executive Meddling: The price for the US location test cabinets was approximately 1.50 USD for one song; this was decided upon by SEGA rather than Dave & Buster's or Round 1 management.
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  • Fan Nickname: The cabinets are sometimes called "washing machines", due to the striking resemblence to them.
  • Late Export for You: As usual with these Japanese games, the English Asia-Pacific builds tend to be released several weeks after the Japanese release, the East Asia Chinese builds less so.
  • No Export for You: The game is only available in Japan and select parts of non-Japanese East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia. This is likely due to the cost of getting licenses for the licensed songs, especially anime and pop songs, for other territories. There are two cabinets in Las Vegas running maimai ORANGE PLUS in English (likely parallel imports of the Asia-Pacific game cracked to not brick itself after the timebomb expires, or parallel imports of the build meant for The Philippines), but they are offline. The only alternative for people outside of the region is Maipad, which is an unofficial android clone.
  • No Port For You: Due to the specialized controller, it is unlikely that this series will ever get a consumer port.
  • Referenced by...:
    • In 7th Dragon III: code VFD, also a Sega game, the resident nurse is named Maimai.
    • In Etrian Odyssey Nexus by Sega's subsidiary Atlus, one of the equippable staves is called the Maimai Bat.

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