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Trivia / I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

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  • Armor-Piercing Question: In the game adaptation, Harlan Ellison was asked why AM chose to torture these five humans specifically. Harlan replied that nobody had ever asked him that question before, and they built the game on that.
  • Banned in China: The entire Nimdok section of the game was removed in the German and French releases due to it being set in a concentration camp, thus making the game unwinnable, as the final part of the game requires all five characters, and they did not alter the game to reflect the lack of Nimdok.
    • Although Nimdok's scenario was subtly altered to avoid actually naming the setting or its elements (for example, the obvious Jews were called "the lost tribe"), it was not enough.
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    • Except Nimdok explicitly identifies himself as Jewish when he looked into the mirror.
  • Casting Gag: The Angel is voiced by the same actor who voiced Josef Mengele, who was nicknamed the "Angel of Death".
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Averted with the two little boys who are both voiced by an actual child.
  • Deleted Scene: As shown in the Gamesmaster "Gore Special" show (Warning, NOT for the faint of heart), the game during development had gory scenes that are not present in the game we have today:
    • More human bodies being hung on the meat hooks instead of beef.
    • A small Beagle dog among the zeppelin's wired animals to which Gorrister has to feed a human heart. It was apparently replaced by the Jackal in the final product.
    • Ellen being attacked by what seems to be a Mummy.
    • Benny eating a baby. This explains the presence of an empty cradle in the first cave on the left.
    • Inventory items such as a silex rock and an Egyptian spear (possibly would have been used as weapons). The remote control, only useable in the endgame, would have been in Gorrister's possession in his scenario.
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  • Descended Creator: Ellison himself voices AM, clearly he enjoyed the role.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Ellison wrote the story in one night and has stated his frustration that it's become so popular, while works to which he gave greater time and attention have been mostly forgotten.
  • Talking to Himself: There are a number of actors who did greater numbers of characters. These include:
    • Tom Myers as Benny and the Guard.
    • Julio Jeinson as the Cave Sentry and Surgat.
    • Anton Latreque as Murphy, the French Prisoner, and the Village Elder.
    • Philip James as Thomas and the Anesthetist.
    • Samuel Fenn as Brickman, Dr. Mengele, and the Angel.
    • Natasha Konduros as the Workstation and the Imp.
    • Edward Sayers as the Jackal, Translator, and the Chinese Entity.
    • Steve Savage as Harry (father of Glynis), the Loudspeaker and Id.
    • Melina Van Houk as Edna (mother of Glynis) and the Scullery Maid.
    • Valinda Barrett as Glynis, the Witch, and Manya.
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    • Jonathon Ficcadenti as the Mutant Child and the Child Patient.
    • Norman Hicks as the Eyeless Patient, the Devil, and the Gargoyle.
    • Jeffrey Buckner "Buck" Ford as the Victim and the Superego.
    • And Skip Towne as the Workman, the Video Screen, and the Russian Entity.
    • It is rumored that Vernon Edwards, the voice-over for Anubis, also does the voice of the Ego, unless we are mistaken. Also, it is noted that whoever voiced Ted also did the voice for Tuttle.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Benny scenario would have actually gone into his homosexuality; that implies that he killed Brickman because he was his lover, that he did not want the other soldiers to spread the word and he would have had to accept his sexuality as a way of winning at AM's game. Not to mention the game still keeps the puzzle where he has to plant a flower on his grave with a fruit as a sign of "compassion" and the fruit is later described as a symbol of "love"...
    • It is possible that the Yellow Rapist was supposed to be shown as an undead Mummy in yellow bandages; this would be the reason why he is found in a sarcophagus and that a yellow bandage is found lying around.
    • Harlan Ellison wanted the game to be unwinnable. When David Sears responded that it would frustrate players, Ellison considered it "a noble endeavor." Despite this, the finished game came with a good ending (that frustrated players trying to achieve it).

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