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Awesome / I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

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  • Minor one, but instead of being scared when AM calls for him in the game's intro, Nimdok simply scowls back.
  • Unlike the novel, you can actually shut down AM. Let that sink in for a minute: for over a century, an omnipotent AI has been tormenting you in every way imaginable. Now you have a chance to end him once and for all.
    • Just the way you do it is awesome. You do it by shutting down the three parts of his mind by throwing logic bombs at them.
      • The id (the part most obsessed with torturing the survivors) is defeated with the totem of compassion, showing you empathize with him and removing his will to live (seeing as that part of AM existed trough his hatred).
      • The ego (the most logical part of AM) is defeated through the totem of forgiveness, basically forgiving AM for what he did; causing him to short out from trying to fathom why they would ever forgive him for all he's done to them.
      • Finally, the superego (the part most obsessed with self preservation) is defeated by the totem of clarity, driving him to suicide by the revelation that no matter what he does, he will eventually break down and rust into nothingness.
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  • A meta one: Harlan Ellison's voice acting for AM. He really nailed AM's personality in an epic, hammy portrayal, and is clearly enjoying doing it too.

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