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Trivia / Far Cry 5

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  • Acting for Two: Apart from his usual role of Hurk, Dylan Taylor also voices Hurk's cousin, Sharky Boshaw.
  • California Doubling: Averted in the case of the prequel, which was filmed at Pinon Springs Ranch in Anaconda, Montana.
  • Defictionalization:
    • People who pre-ordered the game received air fresheners "scented with Bliss".
    • A real version of the book of Joseph's teachings was created by Ubisoft and distributed in very rare quantities to people who attended an event to promote the game. It can be read here.
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  • Fake American: Greg Bryk, who plays Joseph Seed, is from Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Jossed: Right before the game's announcement, a lot of news outlets assumed the Montana teases must've meant a Wild West setting.
  • The Other Darrin: With the exception of Greg Bryk, who portrays Joseph Seed in both the game and the prequel, the Seed siblings all have different actors between both. This was likely necessary because the prequel is a live-action work and none of the voice actors who voice the Seed siblings in the game look physically like their characters, except for Bryk, whom Joseph is an Ink-Suit Actor of.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Pre-ordering the game got you a Doomsday Prepper pack, which includes an in-game weapon, vehicle, and outfit with a unique skin. Some retailers also gave physical items with a pre-order.
  • Role Reprisal: Greg Bryk reprises his role as Joseph Seed in the game's live action film prequel, and is the only actor to play the same role in both.

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