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"I know you've heard stories about me. That I'm a liar. A manipulator. That I poison people's minds. Well, let me tell you a different story. A true story.
Faith Seed's introduction to the player.

"You did it. You passed your test. But now, you're all alone. You're weak. And we know what happens to the weak.
Jacob Seed, upon completing the final test and assassinating Eli.

"You judge me. Judge us. For the things we've done. People say that I'm crazy. But when you look upon the world, and see the same things that I do, do your eyes not fill with horror? THIS IS THE WORLD? THIS IS THE HOME WE BUILT FOR OUR CHILDREN? Communities being torn apart, walls being erected. Because leaders are too impotent to act. Bullies are too addled to lead righteously. I can see that, you can see it.
Joseph Seed's Bliss-induced sermon.

"John said your sin is wrath. He was wrong. You would let the entire world burn before you swallowed your pride."
Joseph Seed, just before fighting him.

"I've spent my entire life, looking for things to say "yes" to."
John Seed's philosophy.

"A seal has been opened. My brother, John, was loved by few. Feared by many. Misunderstood by all... except me. John was not born a monster. He was just a child when our family was torn apart. He was loving, kind, full of joy. He was easily preyed upon. John was not perfect and sometimes, he was not even good. But he was my brother. And those responsible for his death will be punished. I promise you that."
Joseph Seed, giving a eulogy for John Seed.note 

"My children, a seal has been opened. My brother Jacob was a fighter. He fought our parents, he fought the government... he fought me. But, mostly, he fought himself. The demons that he brought home from the war consumed him. He thought he was a weapon without a purpose. That was he was warrior without a legacy. But look around you. You are his legacy. All of you willing to protect our Family from the Collapse. To purge the sinful from our home. And you will, my children. You will purge the sinners from our home. Jacob's death will not be in vain.
Joseph Seed, giving a eulogy for Jacob Seed.note 

"A seal has been opened. My Faith... My Faith. She was not the carry that name, but she was the most devoted. She was like many of you when she came from me; broken, lost. I put my faith inside her... and she became angelic. Perfect. And those sinners took her away from us. It is Faith that holds us together and, without it, we are lost. So we must never lose faith. And those that try to harm us... will suffer."
Joseph Seed, giving a eulogy for Faith Seed.note 

"Another seal has been opened. My family... my brothers, my sisters, THEY'VE BEEN TAKEN FROM ME!! By a snake! In the garden!! I thought I knew God's plan... but I was wrong. I was blind... but now I see. You took my family from me so that I could have yours. We will welcome them with open arms... just as we will welcome you. We will be waiting for you. Where it all began."
Joseph Seed's final eulogy where, for ninety seconds, he's no longer the chillingly charismatic cult leader, but a tearful, screaming brother; one who's very pissed off at you.note 

"But God is watching us. And He will judge us on what we choose in this moment. I told you, we were living in a world on the brink. Where every choice, every slight, every injustice, reveals our sins. And where have those sins led us? Where have those sins led you? Your friends have been taken and tortured, and it is your fault. Countless people have been killed, and it is your fault. The world is on fire, and it's your fault. Was it worth it? When are you gonna realize that not every problem can be solved with a bullet. When you first came here, I gave you the choice to walk away. You chose not to. In the face of God, I'm making you that offer one last time.
Joseph Seed's sermon at the church.

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