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One way or another, Hurk will end up in Hope County
He's now become a Far Cry staple, even to the point of having a very distant ancestor in Primal.
  • He's one of the in-game companion characters you can unlock.

    • He also joins Nick on Mars.

The climax of the game will be during a Waco-style raid of the fundamentalists' base.

  • Jossed.

One of Joseph Seed's Heralds will betray him.
The cover artwork for the game [1] is a parody of The Last Supper. If the analogy is followed through, the man sitting two spaces to the left of Joseph Seed will be the "Judas" character and betray Joseph during the game.
  • Jossed. None of them do.
    • There's some room for interpretation - of the three sub-leaders, Jacob is the only one who has doubts of Joseph's 'powers'. While he doesn't actively betray Joseph in the game, his modus operandi is "build up an army of brainwashed psycho-soldiers and kill everyone else"; compared to John's "tattoo sinners and then skin them" and Faith's "haze everyone into being We Happy Few Wellies", his methods would give him the most power over the cult in the long run, apocalypse or no apocalypse. Also, you could interpret one of the endings as Rook is taken over by Jacob's "Only You... can kill my target", and after Rook blacks out and kills their friends, they wake up to find that they also sleep-killed Joseph according to protocol coded in by Jacob.
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    • This does become Hilarious in Hindsight come Far Cry: New Dawn, where someone in New Eden (what's left of the Peggies in New Dawn) does betray the rest of them and Joseph. It's his adopted son, Ethan.

The cult is secretly backed by an influential politician
The justification for the cult having ridiculous amounts of firepower as well as being able to avoid being stamped out by the government is that a powerful politician is backing and protecting them, either using them for some nefarious goals or is actually a crazed Fundamentalist themselves. Odds are that they might be a pastiche of real-life politicians and become some bastard hybrid of Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump and Dan Quayle.
  • While the cult has backing outside of Hope County, it doesn't appear to matter. Considering a few sidequests, though, it can't be Trump.

There will be a secret ending.
Towards the beginning, your character will get captured by the cult and brought before the Seed family while Father Seed is giving his sermon. You will have multiple opportunities to escape, such as grabbing a gun and shooting your way out or taking a hostage. However, if you stay through the entire fifteen minute sermon, Father Seed will "baptize" you by drowning you in a bucket. Game Over.


Longinus will make an appearance.
Not only will one of the blood diamonds he's looking for be in Hope County, he'll also be interested in punishing Joseph for his blasphemy.
  • Jossed. Apparently, Hope County doesn't need an arms-dealing preacher to supply them with the necessary weapons. This IS America, after all.

Willis will appear in this game
He's likely the reason why what amounts to a group of religious zealots are able to outright take over a county on US soil. He could also be there to fight them, but not out of the goodness of his heart, but perhaps they screwed him out of a deal and he wants payback.
  • Confirmed. He's part of a sidequest. And he screws the player by dine n' dashing on the quest reward.

The 'Fang-For-Hire' system will be commented upon by other characters.
Besides being an Awesome moment in itself, it would lead to some crowning moments of funny such as civilians freaking out at the sight of you being followed around by a cougar or you being denied service at a bar on account of you hanging out with a grizzly bear. Heartwarming moments as well with people commenting on you being a Friend to All Living Things.
  • Confirmed. If you have the perk for two party members, many of them will heal your animal companion.
  • They also have unique dialog on things your Fangs do. Jess for example will compliment Boomer and ask what you feed him, and understandably, all humans have concerns when they witness Peaches the cougar dining on human flesh.

There will be a lot of Black & Gray or Grey & Gray Morality by the end of the game
Like in previous Far Cry games it will be revealed some or most of the major NPC characters you've helped through the game are actually rather unsavory in their own ways and not much better than the people you helped them fight, including a few who are potentially worse or equal.
  • Mostly jossed; some folks are assholes, but not enough to call the place Dick County.

Eden's Gate are taking advantage of a national crisis such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack that is preventing the Federal government from intervening
It would explain how they were able to seize control of Hope County without the Feds learning or moving in, while also giving Seed a casus belli for his premonitions of an imminent apocalypse and justify his cause to his followers whilst attracting new converts.
  • Apparently Jossed; the cult is able to take over without interference by cutting off the roads and phone lines, simply due to the area being geographically isolated and sparsely populated (essentially the same premise as Tremors). Moles in the neighboring cities, like your Mission Control for example, prevent anyone from receiving a signal for help. Also, the game seems to take place over a relatively short period of time, so it's not like the cult needs to maintain their rule for several months unnoticed.
    • Considering that one of the endings has Hope Springs getting nuked, it's possible that the government was indeed preoccupied with an international crisis that eventually spiraled out of control into nuclear war.
      • The guy who gives you the alien sidequest has a line or two where he mentions some kind of imminent global catastrophe and that the situation with the cult is small beans by comparison. So it's seeming likely.
    • Radio reports indicate things like how, "The president is now safe and in the care of crisis response teams," implying that either the nation is in a sort of monumental breakdown on itself, or the nuclear threat has been lingering in the air over the course of the game and none of the cast is any the wiser until it's far too late.

You will be able to give your Guns for Hire a happy ending
If you perform certain side quests, their character arcs will conclude in a happy way. Examples:Sharky Boshaw "Fights Because He Has No Friends." His final quest will have him saying how you're his best friend and engaging in a man hug with the player.Hurk Jr. will be considered a local legend and hero, finally achieving his dream of being respected. His father might even have aligned with the cult, with Hurk Jr. getting to kill him for revenge.Grace Armstrong will succeed in keeping hope alive.Boomer will be adopted by the player character and live the rest of his life being petted.
  • Jossed. You go insane and kill a lot of people. Context varies on the ending you get. The end.

The Deputy was hallucinating the end of the game
Due to the clouds of Bliss caused by Joseph knocking over the two barrels before the start of the fight neither ending is in fact real, Joseph is really dead and the post game is The Deputy recovering from the hallucinations.

  • Supporting the hallucination theory is the fact that the nuke ending only happens after you've been dosed with a massive amount of Bliss, and the world doesn't seem to get nuked in the ending where you choose not to fight Joseph.

  • Also, in the ending Dutch's American flag is now an Eden's Gate version, which makes no sense as Joseph couldn't have brought one with him and it looks too professionally done for Joseph to have simply vandalized Dutch's original flag. Such an incongruity seems a pretty big hint that the ending is a hallucination.

  • There are also other elements of the nuke ending that seem to suggest it being some kind of shared hallucination; You don't see birds falling out of the sky until Pratt tells you about them, for instance.

  • Armageddon is an illusion, so Joseph can keep the situation under his control. In both endings, the game makes it clear you’re still under Joseph’s influence. The biggest difference between the two is the amount of additional Bliss the player was recently exposed to, Joseph’s presence... and the nukes. Joseph starts quoting revelations, and the world reacts on queue. At the end, he says ‘God,’ and a nuke goes off. Count to about 10, and following that, a character mentions ‘Jesus,’ and a second nuke goes off. Count to 10. Following that, a character breaks out into a prayer, which all the characters probably know, and a third nuke goes off just before they mention ‘Mary.’ This is the power of suggestion in action. Joseph even breaks out into a rendition of Amazing Grace, and goes quiet at about the time the characters begin reinforcing each other’s delusions.

    • This theory would hold weight if it weren't for Dutch acknowledging that the nuclear explosion, although maybe the hallucination theory still applies here.

      • Or that a large explosion did happen and Dutch is being metaphorical. A massive ANFO blast (like, say, at a fertilizer plant?) would shake some ground, certainly.

    • Considering how ridiculously powerful the effects of Bliss are, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the dose turns the Deputy into an Unreliable Narrator throughout the whole sequence, and any other character's actions during it wouldn't have mattered. For all we know, Dutch was actually frantically yelling at the Deputy to get a grip on reality.

    • Also, why didn't anyone put a bullet in Joseph? Why did they insist on bringing him along? Because he's a prophet and happened to be one among millions who randomly guessed the right moment? He'd just get them all killed by leading them to a fake storage cache containing a trap bomb, or drive them crazy while ranting in the bunker. It's implied he was manipulating them to keep him alive in a time of crisis.

    • Apocalypse or not, they're still police officers, and seemingly good officers too if the events of the game are anything to go by. Their job was to arrest Seed, and once the bombs hit, their training presumably kicked in, so they brought their prisoner with them on instinct. Their minds probably just went "There's danger, protect the prisoner and get to safety." and before they had a chance to stop and think they were already in the truck.

    • Rewatching the ending again, the best way this theory can make sense is if everyone's bliss hallucination lines up with a vision of their apocalypse but to them its different. Like maybe to the player character, it's nuclear war and for Deputy Pratt, an eruption of Demons rising from the earth. Maybe as the characters experience that terror, it spreads to others and makes them see the scary shit they see in the hallucination.

    • While it doesn't completely debunk the theory, there are radio news broadcasts in-game that indicate the international situation was plunging into nuclear war. Up to and including Moscow already being nuked by the time of the last mission.

    • A strong piece of evidence to support this is during one of your bliss trips with Faith you come across Joseph talking about the end of the world and shows a nuke going off in the distance and then takes you to a burning hellscape that looks exactly the same as the world when the nukes go off. There isn’t even any signs of usual bliss effect such as blurrs and stars even though this is clearly a hallucination.

    • Jossed - Word of god confirmed it as the canon ending, stating the although extremely subtle, the game provides clues that nuclear war is imminent. The in-game radio messages also back it up, with news about Russia.[2]

      • I wouldn't put it past Ubi to say that in order not to spoil a New Game+ or Future DLC.

      • This seems to have been the case as the ending to Lost on Mars shows everyone alive and well.

      • Wait, didn’t Sheriff Whitehorse say at the beginning of the game that no radio signals go in or out of the county?

    • Jossed with the existence of Far Cry New Dawn.

The nuke ending was real, but Joseph Seed himself set off the nukes, and it's not a nuclear war.

  • Joseph's cult are in control of three missile silos, yet you never see any warheads. What's more, during the nuke ending, there are three explosions, and the nukes only detonate in the ending where Joseph Seed doesn't get his way. It's possible that his cult recovered three functional nukes from the silos, and he had them hidden across Hope County as a last measure of protection against outside influence, or as a way of jump-starting his doomsday prophecy so that he could rule over an isolated cult in his underground bunker.

    • Joseph doesn't look surprised at the nuke going off, and he seems to anticipate exactly when it will happen. The only explanation is that either he's an actual prophet, or he's the one who started the countdown timer. He would've had plenty of time to slip away and start the countdown remotely during your hallucination boss fight against him. Faith's last words support this: "If you don't listen to him, he'll be right."

      • Jacob's last words imply that the cult is the one with the trigger to doomsday, and they were looking for an excuse to push it, an excuse the Rook gave them in spades. Unlike the other leaders, he seems to be feigning religiousness - "I don't know if [my brother] talks to God - it doesn't matter." - in favor of building his own little boot camp of brainwashed psycho soldiers so they can reign victorious in the post-apocalypse battlefield, unlike his siblings who are delusional and idealistic. In other words, he doesn't believe the apocalypse could happen because God told his brother - he believes it's going to happen because he has empirical proof and reasoning behind it. He's former United States army, with extensive knowledge of military tactics, assets... and an approximate probability of how badly the brass would panic and overreact if a few nukes were suddenly unleashed in Montana.

      • When you're in the bunker with him, he doesn't seem upset at the world ending so much as upset that he doesn't have any more brainwashed followers to torment because of you. So the idea of him wanting an isolated group of followers trapped underground with him checks out.

      • There are several problems with this theory, however. First, how they managed to rig the warheads for detonation without access to the necessary PAL codes to safely access the weapons. Secondly for warheads to be onsite, the silos would have to be operational. That would mean not only would the military conduct routine check-ups for maintenance but also have put in place remote security measures that, upon being tripped, would have a heavily armed response team come down on the site within a matter of hours at most. Even if they managed to remove the warheads, itself a complicated and finicky process requiring codes kept off site, and escape before the response team arrives, the military would immediately conclude that the warheads have been looted and promptly seal off Hope County while they undertake a massive search and clear operation on the region, with the cult being eradicated once it is inevitably discovered they are the ones with the weapons.

      • Putting aside any Mary Sue theories, like the cult having infiltrated the military, the easiest explanation is that they just lucked out and found a handful of nukes at one of the silos that were forgotten or improperly disposed of. Even with all the security that exists in real life, human error is still a factor, and there have been real cases of nuclear weapons going missing and never being found.

      • According to the map in Dutch's bunker, Eden's Gate built the three bunkers themselves. This might just be a mistake with the lore, but if it's true, then it has even more disturbing implications; Joseph Seed's cult have been building missile silos of their own, presumably with the intention of launching missiles from them...

      • It's very likely that the Seeds just repurposed defunct nuclear missile silos to be their doomsday shelters. A number of these silos are already privately owned in real life and would be simple for a skilled lawyer like John to acquire. In addition, Jacob's bunker is not a missile silo, but part of a hydroelectric dam.

      • Okay, so I visited the outside of John's bunker in the open world before the first mission where you actually go inside, and there was an explosion from underneath the silo door. Unless this was some weird glitch, it had to have been an intentional suggestion by the developers that Joseph's cult have already been making failed launch attempts. And during the final mission in John's bunker, at one point there's an automated announcement over the PA system that says something along the lines of "Launch sequence aborted".

Joseph Seed was Killed Offscreen.

Explains the X in his portrait in the Playable Epilogue and why the player is now free to go out and about afterwards; the Deputy was somehow able to overcome his brainwashing/escape the bunker and managed to kill Joseph.

The Apocalypse was triggered by the ancients from The Cabin in the Woods.

  • Makes sense that those explosions aren't so much nukes but the Ancients breaking out of the earth, with the fire and smoke the effects of them breaking out of their underground prison. The Nuclear smoke would just be them making sure to add more fear For the Evulz

Either a DLC or a Patch in the future will clear up what actually happened after the endings

  • The Playable Epilogue is actually a clue that Joseph Seed did indeed die, and a future piece of content will serve as a Mind Screwdriver

    • I wouldn't be surprised if all of the DLC tie back in with the main story in some small way. If one pays attention, there are a lot of things in the main game that seem like subtle hints towards the various DLC. One of the side missions has you collecting items for a Vietnam veteran, several characters and environment posters make references to Mars with one character claiming that Mars is at the end of an ice age and implying that may be the source of the aliens, and, as for the zombies, well... "angels" seem very intentionally similar to zombies, with their rabid melee attacks and their ability to somehow come back from the dead. I always thought it was strange that Eden's Gate have all of the Angels wearing muzzles, as if they're trying to keep them from biting people...

    • Lost On Mars suggests the cult is eventually removed without any nuclear explosions; Nick also mentions he wanted to kills John Seed but the Deputy got him first. However Lost On Mars may be non-canon because what happened to Hurk is too outlandish.

The whole game is a wacky Dying Dream, but not just anyone's dying dream... but not just anyone's dying dream... but not just anyone's dying dream...
Yeah. That guy. Vaas.

  • Think about it. Vaas lives on a private island, acts like a Mexican, and his voice actor is Canadian. Any way you slice it, Vaas is effectively non-American, so the game is technically set in a foreign land relative to him. Many people relate Joseph Seed to Jason Brody because (A) he's a total douche, (B) he thinks he's a 'savior' when in actuality he's just a gun-toting mass-murderer / cultist commander who happens to 'save' a few people by killing everyone around them, giving all the real work of saving people to the slightly-unhinged NPCS around him, (C) he's covered in tattoos, and (D) he thinks he's invincible (Jason's stims can, in-game, make him invincible for 30 seconds, no matter how many bullets or explosions he blocks with his face). Near the end of the final boss battle, Joseph starts to sound just like Jason, with a whimpering scream in his voice similar to how Jason acted the first few times they met. In a way, this could be Vaas' power fantasy of him being the protagonist while Jason is a cult-leading mass-murdering tattoo-wearing hipster douche - which, in fact, was technically what Jason was. Not to mention his name: the J is obvious, but Seed represents what Vaas would hate about the guy most - he's seeding Vaas' extremely estranged sister Citra, and if Citra got pregnant with the future, she'd rule over the Rook Islands completely. Speaking of which, throughout the game the player character is always named Rook. He never gets any different titles - which could be because the title of Rook, as in leader of Rook Islands, is the most important title to him. And even without the parallels, note how SIMILAR the Rook is to this guy - Rook is constantly getting stoned, but most of the time they're forced to on the open-world map, which implies that it's ROOK who is doing this to themselves because of an addiction. Their sidequests are far more self-destructive than previous protagonists' - racing minigames begin by setting your car on fire end by jumping into water (wait, first fire, then water, similar to how Vaas tried to kill Jason with a burning building and then with drowning by tied stones), hunting animals while high on drugs instead of wearing a gas mask, they even eat TESTICLES for a yearly festival. Most damningly, each area demands a different set of tactics, tools, and teammates, but at no time does what Rook specialized in one zone apply to the other zones as effectively. It's as if Rook is forcing themselves to spice it up, instead of doing the same exact thing - kill bad guys, beat the boss, blow up a base - over and over and over, which Vaas would hate. As for the gender thing, that could just be Vaas being... well, crazy.

The nuke being dropped on Hope County wasn't because of a nuclear war, it was the US Government tying up loose ends.

According to Willis, the President or a similarly powerful politician was being blackmailed by a Russian agent hiding among the Project Eden cult. Once Willis recovers the blackmail tape and reports to his superiors, they make the choice to nuke Hope County and wipe out the population to prevent any chance of whatever secret was on that tape being leaked.

  • The truth behind this is unknown unless further clarification is found. There are several different outcomes that I see in this situation:
1. The player recovers the tape and hands it in to Willis, the nukes were real, and detonated by Eden's Gate.

2. The player recovers the tape and hands it in to Willis, the nuke ending is just a dream, and we have yet to wake up.

3. The player recovers the tape and hands it in to Willis, the nukes were real, and detonated by the US Government to finally end the threat of the PEG.

4. The player recovers the tape and hands it in to Willis, the nukes were real, and detonated by an unknown power/entity.

5. Repeat these outcomes, except the player does NOT recover the tape.There is too much speculation for us to know for sure, at least without further clarification.

Jacob Seed is Jacob from Lost.

The world is all right, and ending is Joseph Seed being captured and shot during a Blissed-out hallucination
Both endings seem to go wild and insane from the moment the player gets close to the final area. The radiowaves are mentioned to be controlled and censored by the PEG. It may be that the Deputy visions the signs of the end times, reinforced by the PEG propaganda talking on nuking Moscow and natural disasters; in fact, when the game ends, the country seems no worse for wear.The world turns on, amd it is only you who had gone insane in the end.

Joseph Seed has a piece of Eden
Joseph Seed was able to foresee the nuclear holocaust in the bad ending because he has a piece of Eden. In every nearly every cut scene, Joseph can be seen holding a rosary. It appears as a religious symbol, much like some other notable pieces in the Assassins Creed franchise, such as the ankh and the staff used by Rodrigo Borgia as the Pope. The ability of foresight is also unique, as it isn't linked to any existing POE. This also may be how the Project at Edens Gate got their name and why Joseph believes he has spoken to god, as somebody who is ignorant of the precursors and the Templar conspiracy may not know any better. Seeing as Ubisoft has had previous crossovers between both Assassin's Creed and Far Cry (namely in Far Cry 3 's "Forgotten Experiment" DLC mission,) this might not be too much of a stretch.
  • Most likely jossed. With the "nuke" ending being hinted as canon ending, its probably safe to say any connections between the franchises were cut, because Assassin's Creed premise wont really work well in postapo setting. Now, keep in mind Ubisoft always treated their "Shared universe" as mere Easter eggs, and the unspoken reason for that was exactly what Far Cry 5 did: Having story with events that would affect other franchises. Either whole Far Cry series never took place in same universe, with Abstergo lab being just non-canon shout-out, or Far Cry 5 on its own has different continuity. Either way, its probably safe to say that FC 5 has no connection with AC, so no pieces of Eden.

The Entire game is just one big movie directed by Guy Marvel
Despite the fact you meet him, this could simply be just a director cameo and joke to his previous projects. But it makes sense when you think about it: Four Deputies go to arrest a dangerous cult leader, with the first twist being he had moles on the outside that let him know of their coming and the fact that some of your boss fights are so insane (John Seed's Dogfight, Jacob's Sniper fight and Faith's Hallucinagenic battle) not to mention the ending could just be him getting lazy and trying to make the story feel dark and depressing. Also, Who's to say that Guy Marvel isn't even his real name but just a fake one to make a parody of himself?

The "Resist" ending was a massive drug-fueled Noodle Incident.
I mean, you could go the route that it was the dawn of nuclear war, true, but that still leaves enough plot holes you could drive the Widow Maker through and have room to spare. What if, instead, everything after Seed dumping the barrels of Bliss all over the place was a massive, insane Mushroom Samba? All that we can tell for sure is this:

The deputy never jumped off the Father statue.
There are numerous other dead bodies scattered around the Impact area, but Rook is no worse for wear. It's likely the most they fell is off a much smaller ledge or rock which could be survived without significant injury, but their drug addled mind and Faith's meddling painted it as a great height.
  • There's absolutely no way they could've survived a fall from that height. During gameplay, you die instantly from much smaller heights, and there isn't even any blood underneath the deputy when they wake up. My assumption was that they stumbled into the area and passed out, maybe after watching someone else take the jump.

The war between the US and Russia is the one depicted in End War
Specifically, given the nature of Tom Clancy's End War, one where the European Federation has been effectively knocked out, but has the Americans actually pushing into Russian home turf. Mentions of a nuclear detonation can possibly be overheard during End War's news segments. The uplinks that would defend the US have likely been damaged by either Spetznas or European raids or the war is to some extent on US soil (explaining the small group sent after the PEG in the first place - the National Guard is busy with other problems - either occupation of Europe, fighting in Russia, or fighting on the eastern seaboard).

Notably, the US is winning, but the uplink network has been hacked, virused and literally raided to the point where it's no longer infallible, combined with Russia still having an immense nuclear stockpile and thinking the silo in Hope County is still active either due to bad intel or distrusting good intel. So, with nothing to lose, and with the JSF knocking on their door, the Russians decide to carry out a mass nuclear strike when it's clear this war backfired horribly on them. Some going for strategic targets (the nuke) and some going for targets just to maximize how much pain the US feels.

The Collapse that the Project at Eden's Gate believes will happen is the Collapse that triggers Warzone 2100
The Collapse of Warzone 2100 is caused by a mad AI that has control of both the US' nuclear weapons and the lasers which it would use to shoot them down, and occurs some time in the 2080s. Either Joseph Seed was formerly someone who worked with NEXUS' designer and 'saw the light' and went off the deep end with his prepping to survive the eventual "NEXUS goes nuts" without really knowing what it was - either that, or Seed correctly guessed that the AI-driven defense network was untrustworthy.

This also carries on to the idea that the Project at Eden's gate and the player's faction in Warzone 2100 - simply the Project - are the same. The location in Montana puts them close enough to the Rockies (albeit 2100's project starts from the Pacific Northwest side). Any incongruities between the beliefs of the two projects can be explained by both three out of four of the family members are dead, and Joseph Seed having since died for one reason or another, and left without a shepherd the flock started having to figure things out on their own. Either John was pretty vague on what to do after the collapse or indeed never said anything about what to do. After all, it stands to reason that the PEG would survive in spite of the player just because a bunch of them were prepped regardless if the canon ending actually IS what it says on the tin.

In the nuke ending Jospeh will try to turn a female deputy into the next Faith while in the bunker
He has enough time being trapped in the bunker with you nukes or not and he’s pretty pissed at the deputy and the people of Hope county for killing his siblings, so what better way to kill two bird with one stone: He gets the person he hates the most under his heel and the people of Hope county will mourn the loss of their hero. Also documents in the game have stated that their have been several Faiths before the recent one, so when she’s gone whats the harm of making one more?

Clutch Nixon will appear in the Mars DLC
He didn't actually die during his wing suit stunt but he got abducted by aliens and will probably have a mission to rescue him in the DLC.
  • Confirmed, there are Clutch missions on Mars because somehow he has been on Mars years before his disappearance.

Clutch Nixon is actually...
...Dutch. His face looks similar to the plaque of Clutch Nixon. Also, Clutch rhymes with Dutch, they both served in Vietnam, they both have the last names of famous presidents (Nixon and Roosevelt, respectively) and Clutch Nixon's final wingsuit course leads straight towards Dutch's island. In fact, you can even find a Clutch Nixon plaque on the wall in Dutch's bunker, alongside his war medals and other achievements.
  • The alpha model for Dutch indeed looks like Clutch more.

The "canon" of the DLCs
How the DLC fit into the story:
  • Hours of Darkness- Pretty self-explanatory: you play as a 'Nam vet who is reliving his tours.
    • Confirmed since the player character here is supposed to be a young Wendell Redler, who gives the quest in the main campaign to collect his fellow veterans' lighters.
  • Lost on Mars- Nick Rye is telling a bedtime story to his baby/infant daughter about the time, "I pointed my plane up and just kept going till I hit that rock!"
    • Jossed. Nick Rye is involved but he's instead teleported to Mars by an AI called ANNE and teams up with the floating disembodied head of Hurk Jr.
  • Dead Living Zombies- Guy Marvel finds a couple dozen kegs of "Bliss-X," and deciding the gas would make for a good special effect, opens it. This turns everyone, save the player who is immune, into a zombie. The end twist is that this was all part of the movie.
    • Likely jossed, assets preloaded into the Arcade editor shows the story would happen outside Hope County in a Russian lab complex hidden somewhere.
    • This DLC has nothing to do with Hope County at all, as the fights happen in Guy Marvel's scripts. His person is in Los Angeles.

New DLC weapons
  • Crossbow- One based on the Horton Scout HD 125 (Norman Reedus' weapon in The Walking Dead. An alternative bow weapon, this weapon would have a sniper rifle scope attachment, as well as a "harpoon" add-on, which allows you to shoot victims then yank them off cliffs for a stealth kill.
  • Thompson Center Arms Contender- A single shot, break action "sniper rifle" pistol that can go in the pistol slot.
  • Single Action Army "Peacemaker" revolver- Cause really, this is a game set in the United States. You need the "Gun that Won the West."
  • Machete- A new melee weapon.
  • Baseball Cannon- Similar to the Shovel Launcher, it shoots baseballs.
  • Desert Eagle- High caliber magnum pistol.
    • Confirmed.
  • AA-12 automatic shotgun- An alternative to the SPAS with a drum magazine attachment, allowing you to shoot way more.
  • Flare Pistol- It was in Far Cry 3 and 4, and Ubisoft have shown that they're willing to bring back weapons from previous games.
  • 1887- It was in previous games, and what country setting would be complete without a lever-action shotgun?
    • Confirmed.
  • A2000- It was the most popular SMG in Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5 is seriously lacking in the SMG department.

Why the Siblings Don't Just Kill the Deputy
There has been a lot of questions why the Seed siblings don’t simply kill the Deputy when they have the chance, and I’ve developed a couple theories:

Jacob Seed is the most obvious. He wanted you as a sleeper agent. But to expand that: several times after coming off the Bliss Trips, you are surrounded by corpses. Jacob was kidnapping Whitetails, indoctrinating them, and then pitting them against each other. “Culling the Herd.” He knew, eventually, one of the Whitetails would be strong enough and trusted enough to make the move. In other words: if you had failed in your trials or died during a mission, he still would have had plenty potential sleeper agents. Once the Deputy’s mission is complete, Jacob is perfectly fine executing you.

For John Seed the first time he captures you, during the baptism, he does attempt to execute you by drowning you but is interrupted by Joseph. I just noticed in a subsequent play through that Joseph tells John not to let [John]’s sin take over, and Joseph says how if John fails to “save” the Deputy, John’s path to Eden will be closed. My theory is that the Deputy was a test for John, given to him by Joseph. If John lets his sin get in the way of his mission (be it he is envious of the Deputy’s fighting abilities, lustful for the Deputy, whatever), he would fail Joseph’s test and be cast out. John’s boss fight is also unique, as he’s trying to escape you. His plan is to get to his bunker and wait this whole thing out, and you pursue him. Arguably, the entire boss fight is him fighting in self-defense, unlike the other two.

For Faith Seed, she’s basically the cult’s public relations specialist. By the time you first meet her, you’ve already gained a fair reputation, having liberated civilians, blown up cult supplies, and liberated outposts. The people are starting to stand up to the cult. If Faith kills the Deputy, there is a good chance he’ll become a martyr and further galvanize resistance. However, if Faith can convert the Deputy to the Father’s way of thinking, that is going to change a lot of minds about the cult. Since the first time you meet her, you do as she asks and jump off the statue, she might have thought you were teetering on the brink of accepting the Father’s way. She only fights you when you’ve done too much damage to the cult, and taken one of her disciples out of the Bliss, enraging her.

North Korea launched the nuke
Is said that after Moscow was nuked, the Norks got silent.
  • Jossed. In the sequel there is a note explaining where the nukes came from, which ties into [3].

The Deputy got some relation with Russia
In Dmitri's bunker there is a note from G. Voronina. Both Sergey and Voronina are Russian, so why keep a note in English? Simply Translation Convention. The Dep is probably of Russian descent or a Russian spy. The latter also explain why he doesnt talk. Because his accent would show that he is Russian.

Proofs of my theory is here

Chad Wolanski cannot be understood because he really speaks Polish
Given that the games use probably Translation Convention, it translate it as gibberish, because the deputy doesn't speak it. Chad's surname also explain why he would be Polish.

The original Faith Seed
The actual sister of the Seed brothers either died or left the cult and changed her name. Joseph keeps getting a new girl to be her so he and the cult can never lose his/their "faith" in the mission.

Eden's Gate classifies the seven companions according to their own sins
The Guns for Hire as the Seven Deadly Sins:
  • Pride - Grace Armstrong
  • Wrath - Jess Black
  • Greed - Nick Rye
  • Gluttony - Cheeseburger
  • Lust - Adelaide Drubman
  • Envy - Sharky Boshaw
  • Sloth - Hurk Drubman Jr.

Walk Away is canon.
Before you say it, yes, New Dawn exists. But, why is it not called Far Cry 6? That's because it was never meant to be Far Cry 6. New Dawn is purely meant to show us what would happen after the Resist ending, but that's not a confirmation that it is absolute canon to the main Far Cry timeline. One could say that it's on par with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon or this game's DLCs in that it's a goofy spin-off of its base game. Just think about it: would Ubisoft really base all future games around the world being a post-apocalyptic wasteland? And let's not forget that Far Cry seems to be based in a greater Ubisoft "universe", which includes Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell. Would those games also become apocalyptic from this point forward? Now, let's take a look at the endings: Resist is undoubtedly a huge Downer Ending in which the Collapse comes true, many, many people die including most of your buddies, and Rook is doomed to be trapped in a bunker with and converted to Joseph and his insane ramblings. In Walk Away, the Collapse doesn't happen and Whitehorse wrangles the deputies into a truck to get some backup, which as was proven over the entire course of the game as well as the secret ending, is the much smarter choice. While this ending heavily implies that Rook and the rest of the deputies kill Whitehorse and possibly each other due to hearing "Only You" at the worst possible moment, Joseph is left defeated, even if he hasn't been killed. His prediction of the Collapse was entirely wrong, which invalidates the entire existence of the cult, and makes him a false prophet. In a way, this could be a Fate Worse than Death. Who knows, maybe some other police force will pick up on the fact that maybe, just maybe they should infiltrate the cult with a little more than a handful of officers and arrive with the National Guard, overpowering and taking down the cult for good. That way, Far Cry 6 can still take place in modern day, with a gorgeous new setting, and 5 can be given a final send-off.

  • Adding onto keeping Joseph alive, yet defeated, take New Dawn into account again. In that game, it's possible to keep Joseph alive when he begs for death, having a massive My God, What Have I Done? moment and no longer being able to live with himself. Leaving him alive with the weight of his sins is some harsh Laser-Guided Karma and Cruel Mercy all wrapped into one. This could be exactly what Walk Away was trying to accomplish. Joseph is left alive realizing that the entire existence of Project at Eden's Gate was for naught because the Collapse doesn't come, and now a much stronger police force is coming to clean house just as his followers start to realize that their prophet was a fraud. There couldn't have been a more fitting retribution for Joseph Seed, and, again, it provides leeway for Far Cry 6, as the world isn't blown to hell, giving the chance to create more wild, yet beautiful environments that the Far Cry series is known for.

Resist is canon, but..
  • an earlier WMG and very common fan theory states, the Junior Deputy is hallucinating hard, and has been experiencing lingering effects throughout the whole game even when they're not exposed to it. When Joseph knocked over the Bliss containers, there was a massive firefight that took place, but everyone just blindly shot at the air and probably hit Joseph a few times, enough to knock him down. When the bombs go off and everyone reacts, when everyone dies, when Joseph kidnaps the Deputy and keeps them in Dutch's bunker, it's all a Bliss-induced hallucination. You might be thinking - but, what about the radio broadcasts of nuclear conflict? It was established early on that Hope County is cut off from any and all outside radio signals. How could the Deputy learn what was happening on the outside? I personally think the implication was that, after all the torture they went through, the Deputy started subconsciously listening to the Seeds' insane ramblings. The Seeds constantly ask the Deputy to consider the possibility that Joseph is actually right. Considering the huge doomsday preparation craze that has taken Hope County by storm, in both the cult and the resistance, it's fairly likely that he is, and it's driving the Deputy insane. The Deputy undergoes major Sanity Slippage with this possibility even when, deep down, they know that the cult is speaking nonsense. When Joseph's prophecy comes true, it's just the Deputy imagining what that could've actually looked like instead of absolute confirmation that it did. Notice how Dutch's bunker has cult propaganda when Joseph couldn't have possibly brought some with him to decorate with in that span of time, the post-game has Joseph's portraits crossed out, and the world is completely normal. There's also Lost On Mars, which, while probably not canon, clearly takes place post-FC5 and Hope County is still in pristine condition.

The Bliss isn't just a's a place.
Given that the Far Cry games tend to have a heavy dose of Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane layered through them, it's entirely possible that the Bliss in Far Cry 5 isn't just referring to the drug, but an alternate place or Eldritch Location that the player and the Seeds keep slipping into and out of, with the drug being a conduit.
  • Faith seems to have a jarring ability to transport the Deputy across vast distances, and leave them in odd places. It could be that she has her own crew like the Chosen or the Hunters doing it in order to gaslight the Deputy...or it could be that she's pulling the Deputy into the Bliss (physically), and ejecting them where she chooses.
  • Faith continually is able to show the player things that she or the Deputy are not physically present for.
  • All of the Seeds, in one way or another, seem to have Reality Warper abilities (with the exception of John, who seems like a more 'mundane' sort of cult leader...perfect for a Starter Villain). This could be because of the Deputy's addled state of mind...and it could be that they aren't actually operating in 'reality' at the moment.
  • It could be argued that the reason places like Kyrat and the Rook Islands seem so crazy is because they are...the Bliss is seeping into those places, and driving everyone mad. By bringing the Bliss to Hope County (in the form of the drugs and the flower), the Seeds are unintentionally (or intentionally) opening up that same kind of rift that exists in other places.
  • The reason that bliss doesn't behave in the same manner as it's real word inspired counterpart, Scopolamine, is because it's forcing unready people to confront this alternate reality, as opposed to simple narcotic hallucinations. The people who are able to 'come back' from the bliss are those who were either prepared for it by experience (the Deputy) or ritual (the Cult members), whereas the Angels have had their minds (and possibly souls) separated and lost in this location.
  • It could also explain the more 'supernatural' elements of New Dawn (such as the Fruit of Eden), and what it was that Joseph was hearing. It wasn't God, but whisperings from that 'other place' that drove him and his family insane. It overall adds a nice Cosmic Horror touch to a series that kind of slightly touched the surface of it (in a Heart of Darkness sort of way).

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