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Let's be honest, it's Far Cry. Of course the game's gonna have lots of awesomeness.

Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The resistance fighters in general. They seem much more capable than your average Far Cry NPC, and they all have an axe to grind with the cultists plaguing their home.
  • The ways in which the resistance fighters gear up for battle: Nick attaches a minigun to his floatplane, Pastor Jerome keeps a revolver in his Bible and a shotgun in his hand, and Mary May puts her alcohol supply to good use making fire bombs.
  • The newest trailer. It begins with a speech by Joseph Seed about how he will "save" Hope County, whether its people want it or not... and then jumps to La Résistance forming, with Pastor Jerome blowing a Peggie's brains out, a gunfight in a cemetery, a half-truck armed with machineguns, a bear and a dog helping the Player Character fight the cult, a Resistance member blowing up a helicopter with a rocket launcher, a combine harvester being used to mow down more enemies... and ends with the Peggies attacking Pastor Jerome in his church, only for his Bible to fall, allowing the Player Character to grab the gun inside it and beginning to drop the cultists.
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  • As nightmare-inducing as the nuke ending is, you have to admit there's something inherently badass about racing through nuclear Armageddon as music blasts over the radio and flaming birds fall from the sky.
  • See John Seed's big, stupid Hollywood-esque "YES" sign defacing the side of that mountain? Isn't it an eyesore? In fact, you may even be tempted to take some explosives up there (or just go there with a plane, which is the easiest and cheapest option, since you can unlock access to Nick's plane for free) and try destroying it. Can you? In a word, yes. Doing this side-mission doesn't get you paid, but that doesn't even matter because it's just so satisfying. Especially when John calls you up afterward and makes it abundantly clear that destroying his sign has pissed him off something fierce. If you destroy the sign after killing John, Dutch will simply express pity that he wasn't alive to see you take it down.
    • If you look behind the sign, someone graffitied "Father stinks" on the back of the "E".
  • Equally awesome to destroying the "Yes" sign is destroying the Father's enormous statue with a rocket launcher. Afterward, to add insult to injury, you can ascend the ruined skeleton of the statue, shoot down helicopters, and then burn the holy book of the Father's insane rantings. Unlike the example with the "YES" sign, this actually is a formal sidequest given by Tracey.
  • Those attack planes that spawn in at Resistance level 2 are annoying, but if you're handy with a sniper rifle, it's entirely possible to snipe the pilot and take them down in a single shot. It's especially satisfying to do it while they're in the middle of dive-bombing you. Shooting them out of the sky with an RPG also never gets old.
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  • The Hope County fighters in general. Only a few of them, like the police, Grace, and Jerome, have law enforcement or military training. But bartenders like Mary May, doctors like Charles, politicians like Vergil, or housewives like Tammy, all pick up weapons and fight.
  • If you have Nick unlocked as a Gun for Hire as of the Holland Valley showdown, he'll radio the deputy - still in obvious pain - insisting he can fly if they need him. Keep in mind this is mere minutes after he had a sizable patch of skin ripped right off his chest, meaning he must have gunned it back to his airstrip with barely any medical attention. Summon him during the dogfight with John Seed, and he doesn't disappoint.
  • You get to battle John in an amazing aerial dogfight. After finishing him off, you go to his bunker to rescue Deputy Hudson and show off your One-Man Army credentials. It's as awesome and explosive as it sounds.
  • The mission where you recruit Cheaseburger is both awesome and hilarious, you and the bear fight side by aside against the hapless cultists and to add insult to injury on how outmatched these cultists are, it's done to goofy banjo music.
  • A minor moment of Awesome. You can shoot Agent Willis Huntley at the end of your mission for him, and leave him for dead. And presumably, since he doesn't appear in New Dawn, it's safe to assume Willis did die. After he got away with tricking Ajay Ghale into killing CIA agents in Kyrat and abandoning him to be captured by Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, it's pretty satisfying to know that even if you couldn't defeat Joseph Seed in this game, at least, you could still make sure the Politically Incorrect Villain- er, Agent- becomes a Karma Houdini Warranty.

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