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Tear Jerker / Far Cry 5

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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • Each time one of Joseph's siblings is felled by the player, there is a cutscene where he mourns them. Say what you will about him, but the man clearly cares deeply for his siblings.
    • After Jacob dies, Joseph remarks that Jacob cared enough for his siblings to fight back against their abusive parents, though he didn't always win and sometimes took it out on Joseph. He also reveals that the war badly affected Jacob, leaving him distraught without a purpose in his life.
    • After John dies, Joseph reveals that out of the Seed Siblings, John got it the worst from the parents, beating him down and abusing him until he developed his darker tendencies. Joseph remarks fondly on John being such a sweet child while at the same time lamenting that John ended up being a serial killer with an excuse.
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    • After Faith dies, he remarks that, while she was not the first Faith, but she was the most devoted. He laments the woman she was: Broken, lost and alone. So he helped her, and in turn, she became an angel, an image of perfection. And with her gone, so many will lose the light in their hearts.
    • And when they're all dead, he's tearful to the point of screaming that his "brothers and sisters"note  have been taken from him. He then calls out the Deputy, telling him that he'll be waiting where it all began; the church compound from the game's intro.
  • After you free Boomer from his cage, he goes looking for his owners, finds them dead, and cries. Luckily, you can make him happy again by petting him and taking him in as your companion.
    • Additionally, taking a look at his former owner's bodies shows that they died holding each other's hands.
  • The endings. No matter what you do, whether you walk away and leave the resistance to their fate, or you opt to resist against Joseph and finally arrest him, absolutely nothing goes as planned and not a single friend likely survives. Even worse, resisting causes the apocalypse to break out at the worst time possible. Every gorgeous location, interesting character, everything is incinerated in the blasts. At least the Walk Away ending is a bit more ambiguous, and everything's fine in the post-game no matter which ending you pick. And while Far Cry: New Dawn is set 17 years after the Resist ending, nature is thriving and people, including quite a few of your old buddies, are still alive and rebuilding. Not to mention Joseph finally gets what he deserves.
  • The death of Virgil Minkler, the kooky mayor who gets shot in the chest courtesy of Marshal Burke due to Faith's influence. A heartbroken Tracey screams as begs him not to leave her as the Deputy applies pressure to his wound. When Tracey realizes it's for naught, she despairs at everything Faith has taken from Virgil and from her, and demands the Deputy kill Faith for all the pain she's inflicted.
    • Virgil has a son called Ethan. If you go behind his desk at anytime, you'll see a note from his son asking him to borrow at least $100 for baseball. He promises Virgil he'll pay him back soon. Next to the note is a picture of him in his baseball attire. The poor kid will only learn of his father's death when he goes to pay him back.
    • That is, if Virgil even sent the money before he got killed. It's very likely, during those rough times, that Virgil could not afford sending his son the money and so, unless he replied back to him that he couldn't, his son probably won't get to follow his dream of being a baseball player due to the lack of payment and will only learn that his dad died after wondering for a long time why he hasn't gotten back to him.
    • To twist the knife even further, Virgil implies that Faith may have gotten his son addicted to Bliss. Ethan may very well be a frenzied Angel by now, and if so, never be able to return to who he once was.
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  • The death of Eli, Wheatey angrily waves his gun around yelling about how Eli trusted you and wants to shoot you, and Tammy ends up having to calm him down, which is a stark reversal of earlier on when Tammy was the one who was distrustful of you and when Wheatey was the one sticking up for you.
  • The Seed sibling's final words:
    • John sadly remarks that he knows the world is ending and all the people in the bunker will be doomed if the Deputy releases them. In his mind, the Deputy is too full of rage and willing to destroy the people just to spite Eden's Gate.
    • Faith takes a few steps towards the Deputy, reaching out her hand, only for the Deputy to back away. The look on her face is one of utter despair, as if rejected by someone she loved. She then sadly remarks that she always knew she'd end up dying this way.
    • Jacob is actually sad about the state of the world, as he thinks America's survived horrors such as World War II and the War on Terror to go out like this, and in so, America is no different than the great empires of old, destined to flicker out.
  • In the boss battle with Faith, as you take her health down she sounds calm and collected at first, but then the lower her health gets the more panicked and scared she starts sounding. Then finally near the end of the fight she completely breaks down, crying in anger about how the Seed's kidnapped her when she was only 17 years old and drugged her out of her mind, thus turning her into one of them, easily making her backstory the most tragic, as it's easy to imagine that if she hadn't been kidnapped she could've easily been one of your allies fighting against the Seeds.
    • However, since Faith is known to be manipulative and a liar, this may just be some sob-story she made up just to gain sympathy and live.
      • Faith is actually Rachel, Tracey's former friend, which makes her request to kill her all the more heartbreaking.
  • Finish off Jacob Seed and you'll save Deputy Pratt, who is absolutely broken by Jacob. By the third and final time he's back on your team, you may as well have recruited Jacob with a better moral compass. He is a broken man who will desperately need therapy after the hell he's endured. Rendered moot anyways, as the Deputy's truck hits the tree and all the cops the Deputy saved are killed in the accident, with Joseph Seed and the Deputy are the only survivors.
  • Faith's second bliss session has you talk to Joseph, revealing a lot of his motivation.
    Joseph: You judge me, judge us for the things we have done...People say...that I'm crazy. But when you wake up in the morning, you look at the same news that I do. Do your eyes not fill with horror? This is the world!? This? This is the world we built for our children? Communities being torn apart? Walls being erected? Because leaders are becoming too impotent to act. Bullies are too addled to lead righteously. I did not ask for this, I was chosen...See Mankind is weak, and vulnerable. And we are hurdling towards our destruction and noone is willing to do anything about it. I can see that, and you can see that. And we are not crazy.
  • The very first intro of the game. It gives off this sad tone of desolation and lack of hope, which fits Hope County very well before the arrival of the Deputy.
  • Joseph Seed revealing that, once upon a time, he was once an ordinary married man with a child on the way. That is, until the accident that killed his wife, at which point something inside him just... snapped. He winds up suffocating his newborn child, because he's convinced that God wants him to go through suffering in order to become stronger.