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  • Billing Displacement: Mr. T is heavily featured on many promotional covers for this film; So much that even one foreign release of the film was titled Mr. T and Company. While he is a regular character, he's not the main one.
    • Several releases also put heavy emphasis on Bill Maher and Irene Cara, both of who have very minimal appearances at best.
  • Completely Different Title: The film was retitled Street Fleet for its UK release, it's title there being the reverse of "Fleet Street" which was well known for being the central hub of the English media up until the 1980s when the movie was made and released.
  • Old Shame: Bill Maher frequently mocks himself for his debut in this movie.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The fact that Tyrone (Charlie Barnett) is a fan of Irene Cara is a plot point. Irene Cara today is best known for singing the theme to the movie Fame, and she's also featured on the Flashdance soundtrack.
    • Myrna goes on and on about how her favorite show is "Johnny Carson".
    • The scene of Harold and Albert looking over Harold's mementos of Vietnam.
    • Meta-example: The first party given thanks in the closing credits is then-D.C. mayor Marion Barry, whose name would probably not have been lauded as prominently after he was caught on camera doing cocaine a year after this film's release.
  • What Could Have Been: Reportedly, Jim Carrey auditioned for a role. After his audition, Joel Schumacher took him aside and told him "You're too good for this film".


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