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YMMV / D.C. Cab

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  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • This movie features the acting debuts of two young comedians: Paul Rodriguez and Bill Maher.
    • It also features Marsha Warfield before she became Roz on Night Court.
    • There's also Adam Baldwin in only his second major role (Full Metal Jacket was still four years away, and of course, Firefly was way off in the future).
    • Also, the little girl of the siblings that were kidnapped would grow up to be (take your pick) Delia Fisher, Phoebe, and/or Lizzi.
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    • The "Barbarian Brothers" Peter and David Paul make their film debut as Buddy and Buzzy.
  • Spoiled by the Format: The "angel of death" gag from The Stinger is spoiled, albeit subtly, by the actor who plays that role being listed as such in the closing credits.


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