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  • The kidnapped children and how they are so nonplussed by their predicament. They've apparently been kidnapped so many times that they can aptly call their current hostage-takers "a bunch of amateurs".
    Little girl (to Albert): Is this your first kidnapping?
    Albert: Yeah.
    Little boy: This is our third.
    • They even prove their point by getting out of their rope-binding without much effort.
    • And when the cabbies are trying to con the kidnappers into letting the kids and Albert go free, they get stuck and ask, "What do we say now? What do cops say?" Tyrone snatches the megaphone and yells:
    Tyrone: You better come out now, scumbags!
    Harold: Cops don't talk like that!
    Tyrone: They do to me!
    • Before that exchange, this line from Dell:
    Dell: Tell them you're Batman!
  • The ambassador taking a call from a woman who refers to him as 'Stud Muffins' before he abruptly hangs up. The reactions of the nearby FBI agents and his wife are priceless.
    *phone rings*
    Mrs. Rayburn: Well, pick it up, Stud Muffins!
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  • Nearly everything Dell says or does.
  • Mr. T and the Barbarian Brothers are looking for Bruce Lee, and manage to break into the home of some poor soul named Bruce Leigh. The dialogue is hilarious:
    Barbarian Brothers: "But [the mailbox] says Bruce 'Leg'."
  • The scene where the crew of crazy cabbies saves Albert from the kidnappers in the best tradition of The Three Stooges.
  • At one point the various cab companies are told by the Commissioner of Hacks that a concert violinist lost a 'very precious violin' in one of the cabs. They are unimpressed even as he mentions a reward for finding it.
    Cabbies: "Yeah, right. How much?"
    Commissioner of Hacks: "Ten thousand dollars."
    • And they dive out of the windows and start ransacking every cab in sight.
    • And then later when the owner of DC Cab's wife claims all the money after he promised to share it with them, they try to storm her house to take it from her until she convinces them to leave. With her husband's flamethrower.
  • The Stinger, where a man dressed in black (played by Timothy Carey!) gets into Tyrone's cab (Tyrone is back in full "crazy, dumb-ass n—r" costume, complete with the green rollers, reading a magazine):
    Tyrone: "Where to, Mister?"
    Man in Black (Deadpan): "I'm the Angel of Death. Take me to hell."
    Tyrone (Without batting an eye): "Got any luggage?"

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