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  • Ascended Fanon: Almond is ambidextrous. Gigi actually uses the phrase "Sure, why not" word-for-word.
  • Development Gag: The 2014 April Fools joke. That bad, weebish art was from Gigi's first concepts of the comic from way back when.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Cuquistadors. (Not very widely used, though.)
  • Fan Nickname: Sir Carrot (after his armor transformation) is often referred to as Hot Carrot or Bishie Carrot. Even Gigi (jokingly) calls him such in her Twitter comments.
  • I Knew It!:
    • In Chapter 3, enough hints were dropped in the story that several readers figured out the exact nature of Rosemaster's memory manipulation before it was explained in the story itself. Consequently, the true identities of King Aster, King Sunflower, and Princess Azalea were deduced some time before The Reveal.
    • Also relating to Chapter 3, Saturday being the missing Flower Kingdom princess was once a common theory, but mostly forgotten after Azalea's introduction... which is likely how the reveal that Saturday is Azalea went all but unnoticed.
  • Line to God: Gigi had an that fans could use to ask questions (after leaving Tumblr, see below). Usually about the comic, but she also answered questions about other things too. It has since been deactivated. A second account was available, but was intended to be temporary anyway and was eventually deactivated. A third account on Curious Cat was opened in February of 2017; that was later shut down and a different one opened the next year.
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  • Milestone Celebration: Not for the comic itself, but the 2014 April Fools joke is on the 10th year since the Humble Beginnings of the series when it was first conceptualized. It even uses Gigi's art from the first drafts.
  • Name's the Same: Peridot isn't that Peridot. Their names aren't even pronounced the same way.
  • Trolling Creator: Gigi jokingly insisted on Twitter that one of the clowns from the Melody Kingdom who accompanied the party on the blimp was not killed by Mutemaster, and let it go on as a Running Gag over twitter. She insisted the clown was incinerated - not in the crash, but when he got too close to the magical, talking gate, named Mezzo, as the Nightmare Knight blasted him down. Then it turns out the clown was alive and was hanging out with Mezzo the whole time. The reactions on twitter are hilarious.
    • Similarly, at the beginning of the Flower Kingdom arc, many people noticed that Nautilus had suddenly disappeared from the comic. When asked about it multiple times on Twitter, Gigi's response was always something along the lines of "who?" before Nautilus finally reappeared, albeit separated from the other main characters.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Gigi considered making a comic with Tartelette and Baguette and their bakery as the focus.
    • Almond originally had blue hair.
    • In older designs, Cucumber's hair is less scruffy, whilst Carrot's is more so.
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  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Due to some nasty comments made on a post on her Tumblr note , Gigi left the website due to "frustrations with the site and its community" reaching a breaking point for her. She did leave her art there, and now occasionally posts new pieces, but does not engage beyond that. In general she keeps a fairly low-key presence even on twitter, because she can't even make joking comments about what she likes or dislikes in Mario games without getting a lot of pedantry and pushback.
  • Word of God
    • Word of God on Cucumber's and Almond's ages:
      Cucumber and Almond are just Kids. Almond is a Slightly Younger Kid.
    • We at least know that Cucumber is not 9. Because that's how old his father thinks he is.
    • Later Word of God confirms that the characters having vague ages applies to the entire cast. The vague age groups are:
      • Slightly Younger Kid Group - Almond, Peridot, Cosmo
      • Kid Group - Nautilus, Mandolin, Panpipe
      • Not 9 Group - Cucumber
      • Younger Adult Group - Saturday, Carrot, Parfait, BLTs, Piano, Bakerette sisters
      • Yes, He’s an Adult Group - Bacon
      • Adult Adult Group - Cabbage, Cordelia, Lute, Cymbal, Caboodle
      • Not as Old as the Mustache Makes Him Look Group - King Kelp
      • N/A?? - Dream Oracle, Nightmare Knight, Disaster Masters
    • We only learn from Gigi's tumblr that Piano's Dad's name is "King Clarinet". He's never mentioned by name in the comic itself.
    • According to Gigi's Tumblr, some of the other capsules available in the ESPMCWSCM include:
    • Gigi has stated on Twitter that Bacon has a brother, and that he has a TV show, strongly implying that Brisket Sweats is Bacon's brother.


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