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Nightmare Fuel / Cucumber Quest

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Despite looking like a cutesy children's comic series, Cucumber Quest is actually full of scary moments.

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    Chapter 1 

    Chapter 2 

    Chapter 3 
  • Rosemaster wastes no time letting the reader knows she means business."...I haven't given up. Not yet. And until we've won... I NEVER will."
  • Rosemaster's powered up form is as terrifying as it is awesome, but the entirety of this page really amps up the "terrifying".
  • How Rosemaster gets Almond under her control - she takes advantage of Almond's heartbreak at seeing Carrot cowering behind a bush in fear by convincing the girl that Carrot's cowardice could very well make him a villain. This makes Almond cross the Despair Event Horizon so hard that she doesn't notice the branches and vines creeping into her mind. And once she's taken, Almond is influenced to kill Carrot by driving him off a cliff.

    Chapter 4 
  • The release of the Forsaken Master plummets everyone into darkness, then Almond finds herself and Cucumber in a dim elevator. After a few minutes, the doors suddenly open — beyond them is pitch black. It's very effective, mood-wise. It doesn't last.

    Chapter 5 
  • The result of Quakemaster's Curse. Obsidian finally removes his mask, revealing a face devoid of any features and made entirely of stone. And this is soon to be Carrot's fate if he doesn't pull through.


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