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Heartwarming / Cucumber Quest

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  • After spending the entirety of Chapter 1 separated, Cucumber and Almond reunite.
  • Nautilius joined your party!
  • Peridot saving Almond.
  • Mandolin and Panpipe finally reconcile. Afterwards, Gigi even drew a sketch on Twitter of the two listening to Lute play... well, a lute.
  • Bacon getting applauded by the audience for his performance.
  • Liquus doing the best he can to help Nautilus, while her instrument of summoning is broken.
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  • Noisemaster and Mutemaster's 'special bond' is really pretty sweet, from what we've seen of it so far. Even when consumed with rage, the latter still tenderly cradles Noisemaster's prone body following an attack gone wrong. in the end, when Noisemaster reverts to being a Disaster Stone, Mutemaster immediately joins him, because they're always together.
  • In a strange sense, the 2014 April Fools joke. It kind of warms you up to know how long Gigi's been carrying some of these ideas and how far she's come in developing them, given that those drawings were from her embarrassing teen years. Best of all is her explanation of the whole thing and the encouraging message to all the developing artists out there.
  • Princess Parfait considers the Nightmare Knight a friend.
    "a what"
  • Princess Parfait's letter to Sir Carrot. It's mushy, but it's seriously adorable.
  • Peridot flying in, very upset about her "failure", and Cordelia offering to watch TV with her to make her feel better.
    • Cordelia was just about to get cast into a fiery abyss for insubordination, and yet she immediately runs to Peridot's side to comfort her. If that's not heartwarming then nothing is.
    • Cordelia and Peridot's relationship, period. How often do we see villains who care about their henchpeople, much less villains who clearly adore and mentor them?
    • Not to mention the scene where Peridot says that she doesn't need to win the contest to become a Princess, because as long as Cordelia's Queen, Peridot already is one. She literally considers Cordelia to be her mother.
  • Almond and Peridot having a genuinely fun time fighting each other.
  • Nautilus giving Cucumber a big hug out of relief that he's okay, especially considering what she herself has been through so far in the chapter. Cucumber, having lost all memory of her due to Rosemaster's spell, is noticeably freaked out.
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  • Okay, that was REALLY cool.
  • Sir Carrot finally getting to read Princess Parfait's letter to him. And then watercolor-style pictures of them as little kids. Aww.
    • The banner changes from this to this.
  • Despite everything, even despite being angry and hurt, Rosemaster still has faith in the Nightmare Knight, because she knows that he cares about her and the other Disaster Masters. Aw.
  • After he defeats Rosemaster, Sir Carrot notices Almond crying and offers her a hug.
    • Then, he covers for her and says that she was fearless and that they'd never have survived without her.
  • Rosemaster's minions revealing that they're Not Brainwashed, and that they joined up with Rosemaster because they were tired of the Guardener treating them like toadies and wanted to get back at him, only to be surprised by her kindness. Cucumber then gives them Rosemaster's Orb.
  • No matter how you look at it, Peridot's intermission dream about her and Almond getting married isn't anything short of adorable.
  • Princess Parfait's attempts at befriending the Nightmare Knight continue to make progress. Everything in this section, particularly from here to here is heart-clinchingly adorable, with a nice pity cherry on top for the NK.
  • Nautilus talking to Almond after her and Cucumber's conflict.
  • The Nightmare Knight saying to Cordelia that they have a common weakness in Peridot, bringing up an adorable image of her.
  • The explanation for how Peridot and Cordelia met. They haven't even known each other very long and Cordelia cares deeply for Peridot.
  • Intermission 4 shows us what happened to Bacon after getting thrown out of the BLT. In all honesty, Bacon's doing just fine, landed a role as the Muggle Best Friend in Punisher Pumice, and is working up to becoming an idol in the future. Truly, they've come a long way.
  • Cucumber is appreciative of Nautilus' support.

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