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Tear Jerker / Cucumber Quest

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Despite Cucumber Quest looking bright and cheery, it can get really depressing.

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    Chapter 1 

    Chapter 2 

    Chapter 3 
  • The beginning of Parfait's letter to Carrot, where she writes that she doesn't want him to worry about her, while crying.
  • The Nightmare Knight's rejection of Parfait's friendship. It's bad enough he admits he never had a friend before, but right before he rejects Parfait officially, he looks incredibly sad.
  • Nightmare Knight's face in the fourth panel.
  • When Cucumber tried to give the Nightmare Knight an offer of reconciliation, Almond runs in and yells at her brother that the Nightmare Knight isn't to be trusted. The Nightmare Knight's response?
"This was a mistake."
  • Even more tearjerking - Almond's response triggered a memory of Calabash saying the same thing, with his sister Walnut trying to convince him otherwise.
  • From Nightmare Knight after Carrot saves Cucumber and Almond by appealing to his better nature: "You are more pitiful than I imagined." Ouch...
    • Also, Sir Carrot's face afterwards. Poor guy.
  • "I just don't want you to... Y'know?"
  • Rosemaster's shocked, heartbroken response to Glitchmaster's footage of Trebleopolis being saved. Which meant that all of the Disaster Masters' efforts have been for nothing.
  • While pursuing Azalea, Cucumber and Carrot run into a group of Roselings. Cucumber tells Carrot to continue the pursuit while he deals with them. Carrot is hesitant and when Almond arrives and asks if they know where Azalea is, Cucumber is about to say that Carrot went after her before noticing that he hasn't moved an inch. Cucumber's absolutely heartbroken expression is what makes it a tearjerker.
  • Almond's shock at Sir Carrot's cowardice during the fight with Rosemaster, and consequently how easy it is for Rosemaster to manipulate her against him, by appealing to Almond's Black and White Morality and saying that Carrot's cowardice could make him a potential villain.
  • Subsequently, Sir Carrot's slight breakdown as he thinks about how worthless he is to the team. His conversation with Nightmare Knight reveal just how disappointed in himself he is. Luckily, receiving and reading Parfait's letter gives him the courage and upgrade he needs.
  • Hearing Rosemaster talk about the pain she's been hiding all these years over having to play a destructive role she doesn't really want is sad, and demonstrates again how this unbroken cycle is harmful to not just the bunny people of Dreamside, but to the villains themselves as well.
  • After the battle, everyone is feeling sympathy for Rosemaster—except for Almond, who yells that the Roselings' sorrow isn't going to make her cry for their master. Which is completely understandable, since Rosemaster forced her to attack Carrot. Between that and the previous encounter with the Nightmare Knight, Almond has been pretty traumatized by the events of Chapter 3.
  • We finally learn why the Nightmare Knight keeps playing the villain, even though he clearly doesn't want to - without the power he derives from fear, the Disaster Masters will fade away. So even though he's come to care for them, he has to keep sabotaging their efforts or he'll lose them forever.
  • A very subtle one, but on this page you can see the cookies the Nightmare Knight baked. They have roses etched into the icing. Keep in mind, this is the chapter where Rosemaster was defeated.

    Chapter 4 

    Chapter 5 
  • Carrot and Princess Ametrine had been incapacitated and captured by Quakemaster. Princess Parfait senses that her boyfriend's in danger and tries to assure him, but she discovers that something is happening to Carrot - Quakemaster had cursed him to slowly become his rock minion, which focuses on draining all of his positive emotions until he becomes a living person of rock like Obsidian.
  • Quakemaster reveals his vulnerability underneath his confident facade to the Nightmare Knight, saying he doesn't know how much longer he can do this. The Nightmare Knight who came to confess, can't bring himself to do it and pushes Quakemaster onward instead. Now he has to keep up the act while trying to reach an impossible goal, and the Nightmare Knight doesn't think he and the other Disaster Masters can ever forgive him.
  • We learn that Mistmaster lost his nerve one cycle and surrendered to the hero. The Nightmare Knight punished him by reducing him to little more than an Empty Shell, his misery generating rain which is bad for Quakemaster. The Nightmare Knight himself was too afraid to look at the damage he's done to him. Worse is that the Nightmare Knight threatening to similarly punish Quakemaster and how quickly he falls back into line is just heartwrenching. It really adds a whole new meaning to Noisemaster's: "We gotta fight. That's just how it is." Assuming all the Disaster Masters are aware of what happened, it's no wonder nobody's decided to speak up.

    Bonus material 
  • An unexpected somber moment in a silly Q&A strip. Almond is asked if she's ready to fight the Nightmare Knight; she looks shaken and looks away as she replies yes.


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