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  • Banned In China: Parachutes, due to "Spies" being interpreted as a potshot at their form of communism. Buckland commented that the banning was "really weird."
  • Black Sheep Hit: Parachutes is practically a Black Sheep album: its intimate, acoustic style doesn't sound like any of Coldplay's other albums, and the band find it rubbish now, save for "Yellow," which remains a concert favorite.
  • Breakthrough Hit: "Yellow".
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  • Chart Displacement: Aside from #1 "Viva La Vida", the band's other three US Top 10 hits are the collaboration "Something Just Like This", "Speed of Sound" (which earned Creator Backlash and has been eclipsed by follow-up "Fix You"), and "A Sky Full of Stars" (certainly a lesser hit even if the band still plays it).
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Overlaps with Old Shame; the band has collectively disowned Parachutes as (in Chris' words) "terrible music", save for fan favorite "Yellow".
    • Another fan favorite, "Speed of Sound", received a similar reverse-vindication when Chris admitted in 2011 to no longer enjoying the song due to the band reportedly not recording it to the most of its potential. The band now rarely plays the song live.
  • Creator Breakdown: Ghost Stories was made after Chris and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow divorced, and the album is conceptually rooted in a breakup. You can sense the depression.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes
    • Coldplay's debut EP Safety is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of this trope. Only 500 copies were ever produced, and of those 500 copies, only about 50 made it into public circulation (as the rest were given to friends, family and record companies) making it extremely rare. When copies do show up, they typically command up to $6,000. Thankfully, all songs that appear on it were released in subsequent EP releases, so at least you're not missing out on any content, but if you're going for 100% Completion, be prepared to some dosh...
    • To a much lesser extent, their second EP Blue Room (the original release that is) is quite rare. Only 5,000 were made and can cost upwards of $100 on ebay. Thankfully, not only was it e-released but is also available on iTunes. As an added bonus, 2 out of the three songs on the nigh impossible to obtain Safety are on the Blue Room (the other "No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground" was on the Yellow EP, which is also on iTunes).
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  • Referenced by...: Canadian figure skater Roman Sadovsky performed to "Fix You" for his exhibition number at the 2019 NHK Trophy.
  • Shrug of God: The bandmembers rarely give specific explanations of a song's meaning (though they love to give fake ones). For example, Chris says that he doesn't know what "Yellow" is about, while Johnny jokes that it's about bananas.
  • Viral Marketing: The lyric videos for "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall".


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