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  • Pretty much the entirety of the video for "Life in Technicolor II".
  • The Elvis impersonators playing violins in the Christmas Lights music video.
    • Doubly so when you realise that one of them is Simon Pegg.
  • An already funny scene from Saturday Night Live parodying the fact that Adele's "Someone Like You" is used for Tear Jerker situations was made all the more sweeter when they as the musical guests for the night, were cameoed in.
  • From a 2005 interview in the Sunday Times:
    Chris: "I know you think we just sit and count money, but sometimes we do other things, like teach the drummer to play piano."
  • Coldplay + Game of Thrones: The Musical. Complete with the series cast singing and the narration of Liam Neeson ("It's the first romantic ballad about incest in Coldplay's career..." "Taken On Ice?! Better get my skates on!"). Notable for:
    • The reactions of the cast to the initial idea.
      Emilia Clarke: One word which springs to mind when I'm thinking about this project is "Titanic". But not in terms of the successful movie, in terms of the unsuccessful boat.
      • Followed by her shamelessly backpedalling when it looks like it'll be a success.
    • Chris being delighted to see Kit Harington show up and save the project from failing on its first day but then persistently addressing him as "Jon Snow", and when Kit tells him his name is Kit, Chris calls him "Kit Snow". Kit responds with Sure, Let's Go with That.
    • The awesome moment of Foe Yay when Alfie Allen and Iwan Rheon lock eyes across a rehearsal room...which is then dispelled when they happily yell each other's name and give each other a big hug.
    • John Bradley-West at the craft table asking for the chicken nuggets, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster saying "Ahhh...I sense that choice will not go well for you," successfully spooking John into having the drumsticks instead.
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    • The Red Wedding song, horribly inappropriate because it's a jaunty music-hall style number.
      Cast: [sings] "Red wedding, red wedding, lots of backstabbing and a bit of beheading..."
    • The aforesaid "romantic ballad about incest" being called "Closer to Home".
  • Physical releases of A Head Full of Dreams list the track "Colour Spectrum" as an actual color spectrum bar.


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