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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Hidetaka Miyazaki confessed in a 2019 interview that he enjoyed working on Bloodborne the most out of any FromSoftware game.
  • Dueling Games: Namely with The Order: 1886, which came out about a month prior. Both games were PS4-exclusive titles that took place in Victorian settings, where the player takes control of a Badass Longcoat and fights werewolf-like monsters with an array of bizarre-looking weapons. One of the more one-sided examples of this trope in recent memory.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Blood Souls, after the naming conventions of the previous games Miyazaki directed
    • "The Bloody Crow of Painhurst" for the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, an infamously powerful mini-boss. Some also call him "Crowsteel", in reference to the parodical memetic fan character Coldsteel, because his gear is mismatched and his stats are insanely high, making him resemble a fanfiction OC who somehow wandered into the game.
    • Beast Souls, similarly a mix of "Demon's Souls / Dark Souls" and the game's Working Title, Project Beast.
    • Bloodporn, because of how Shuhei Yoshida was misheard at the E3 press conference. That's ironically a pretty good way to describe the game, though.
    • Manus, for the Cleric Beast due to the similarities between the two.
    • One peek at the Cleric Beast's boss theme note  is all it took for fans of the Souls series to declare the soundtrack as "Prepare to Loud Edition".
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    • Buttborne, after Youtuber DaveControlLive noticed how using the Visceral Attack backstab on certain enemies makes it look like the player hunter is forcefully shoving his/her hand up their ass and then wrenching it out. Which, if done to the Maneating Hogs, yeah, you are.
    • The gigantic pig found in the Central Yharnam aqueducts was quickly nicknamed "Epic Name Bro" after the Youtuber of the same screen name, due to Shampoo, the plush pig he uses as his icon.
    • The Shadows of Yharnam are sometimes known as Gank Squad 2.0. Some also refer to the trio of hunters in the unseen village as such.
    • Papa Guacamole has been gaining some traction as a nickname for Father Gascoigne. "Gascan" or "Gascoin" also crop up fairly often.
    • Dark Souls in Dunwall.
    • Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, is otherwise known as Micolash Cage, with added Visual Pun to his caged headpiece.
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    • The Plain Doll is often referred to by players as either "My Waifu", or "Doll Waifu".
    • The Whirligig Saw is nicknamed "the pizza cutter".
    • Bone Marrow Ash is often just called " Bone Ash" or, more rarely, "Bone Arrow Mash"
    • Some fans like to refer to the game's VERY liberal uses of shortcuts in areas as Shortcut Porn.
    • Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen is occasionally referred as "Yharnam, Period Queen" because of where her sheer amount of blood she spewed.
    • Thanks to the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu, the fanbase as taken to call the infamous challenge area in the Old Hunters DLC the "Party Cave".
    • Fashionborne will appear in pretty much every discussion of armor sets in the game, mostly because they are largely cosmetic and the added bonuses are almost useless on higher levels.
    • The Kidnapper enemies are often referred to as "Sackbros".
    • The Brain of Mensis is often called "Mother Brain".
  • Killer App: Bloodborne in particular was the game that helped boost sales of the Playstation 4 owning to it being a very beloved sucessor to the Dark Souls franchise.
  • Schedule Slip: The game was originally set to be released in early February 2015, but it was delayed to the last week of March 2015 so that they could better optimize the game with feedback from the Alpha Test.
    • The Collector's Edition Player's Guide from FuturePress was delayed for about three weeks.
  • Shrug of God: Miyazaki has stated that he deliberately makes his games vague to encourage speculation, various interpretations, and guesswork amongst his fans and even himself.
  • Trolling Creator: It's a FromSoftware game, so this almost goes without saying. A standout example, however, is the Nightmare Frontier. A difficult, invasion-prone, late-game area, it's also home to more Scurrying Beasts (disappearing enemies that drop upgrade materials) than any other...nearly all of which drop the lowest tier materials that players by this point likely don't even need.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Bloodborne inspired a raft of these when it came out, even moreso than its spiritual cousins. The really notable ones:
    • At launch, there were people who would swear up, down and sideways that Viola's Daughter could actually make it to Oedon Chapel and be saved. Nope - there's no way to save either girl. Although this particular instance actually has an grain of truth to it (see BB's What Could Have Been page for details).
    • Another notable rumor stated that having a high "Beasthood" stat would somehow allow you to become a full werewolf. While this isn't true in the base game, The Old Hunters included a rune that allows the player to assume a beastly form (it's not tied to your Beasthood stat, but it does make the effects of Beasthood more pronounced).
  • What Could Have Been: Has its own page
  • The Wiki Rule: The Bloodborne Wiki, Wikia Bloodborne Wiki, Fextralife Bloodborne Wiki, Gamepedia Bloodborne Wiki, and Wikidot Bloodborne Wiki.
  • Working Title: The internal name for the game before it became "Bloodborne" was "Project Beast".

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