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Bloodborne boasts a soundtrack that is composed by a mix of Western and Japanese composers: Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Yuka Kitamura, Nobuyoshi Suzuki, Cris Velasco, and Michael Wandmacher. All performed with a live orchestra. And it is awesome.


  • This trailer features what has to be considered the offical theme song of Bloodborne, the Hit House's own "Hunt You Down", featuring Ruby Friedman. The haunting, prophetic warning of this song isn't from the beasts' point of view, but the hunters'.
  • "The Night Unfurls", the main menu theme, sounds very ominous, yet beautiful.
  • "The Hunter's Dream" is a hauntingly beautiful piece for the eponymous safe area in the game.
  • Cleric Beast is a very intense track for the first boss fight of the game, and it becomes increasingly demonic halfway through, complete with beastly shrieks.
  • Father Gascoigne, The Hunter captures the tone of the boss fight against Gascoigne extremely well: the song becomes more frantic and chaotic as it continues playing which perfectly mirrors Gascoigne's descent into beasthood during the fight.
  • "Blood-Starved Beast". Similar to Gascoigne's theme, this perfectly captures the tone of the fight against the eponymous Beast, especially when it starts attacking in a much more frantic manner as the fight progresses.
  • "The Darkbeast Paarl" is a quietly tense piece of music featuring strings and a choir, well-suited to your fight with an ancient electric undead werewolf.
  • "The One Reborn". It begins soft, yet tense, but slowly crescendoes and becomes more ominous as the song goes on. It fits incredibly well for the fight with that thing in the courtyard.
  • Micolash's Theme, which does an excellent job of conveying the sheer insanity of the man you're fighting.
  • "Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos" sounds like something out of an above-average Final Fantasy soundtrack.
  • "Lullaby for Mergo" dispenses with the epic choirs and orchestras for a lone, vaguely sinister (though gentle) tune from a music box. The melody itself is maddeningly catchy and serves as a surprisingly quiet soundtrack to defeating the Nightmare itself.
  • "Gehrman, The First Hunter" is a slow and sad-sounding melody that captures the atmosphere of the battle with the final boss, Gehrman, perfectly.
  • "Moonlit Melody", the theme that plays whenever the player is in the Hunter's Dream after revealing the Blood Moon or while having 50 Insight, is a soothing song that makes the player feel at ease.
  • From the DLC, "Ludwig, The Accursed/Holy Blade" plays during your fight against the eponymous Ludwig; the first half, dubbed "The Accursed", is a harrowing mix of oppressive brass and frightful choirs, fittingly enough for your opponent's terrifying appearance and circumstances. Once Ludwig regains his sanity and musters the full power of his beast form with the help of the Moonlight Blade, the orchestra blooms into an even more intense piece, with the chorus violently lashing out as you're forced to dodge the boss' flurries of sword beams. The music switches to a time signature of 3/4, or waltz time, as it's The Last Dance for Ludwig. As a Bilingual Bonus, the Ominous Latin Chanting actually provides accurate and grand Latin lyrics which perfectly describe Ludwig's situation in both halves of the epic battle:
    Ludwig the Accursed
    Bellator, venator (Warrior, hunter)
    Sanguinem, vigorem (Vigorous blood.)
    Venator dominus (Master hunter)
    Amor a nihilo (Once beloved, but now forgotten)
    Gladio sanguinem, refugit opulen tum (Your sword spills blood in abundance)

    O venator (Oh hunter)
    O sola divina (O lonely divine one)
    A Domino (By the Master)
    Terribilis spatha scelero (Your crimes etched in your terrible blade)
    Maledictus fiat morte (A curse awaits you in death)
    E sanguine opulento (And the blood will flow in abundance)

    Ludwig the Holy Blade
    Oh venator (O hunter)
    Beatus sanctus (Blessed saint)
    Bonum fati par dia (A honest death is like a blessing)
    Domus aeternus fiat morte (Nightmare shall be your home forever)
    Erit sanguine opulentum (And the blood will flow in abundance)
  • "Living Failure" plays during the fight against the prototype Celestial Emissaries. It resembles a mix between Seath's theme from King's Field and "Mars, Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst.
  • Another track from the DLC is Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower which plays during the fight against the eponymous Lady Maria, the person that the Plain Doll is based on; the song has three parts, with each one becoming more intense and frantic than the last as Maria grows more and more desperate to keep you out of the Fishing Hamlet.
  • Laurence, the First Vicar retakes the melody of Cleric Beast's theme, cleans it up, and adds a Ominous Pipe Organ track into the mix, making the male vocals more ominous as they just keep going through the track. This theme plays during the DLC's Superboss fight, who turns out to be a significantly stronger, flaming Cleric Beast.
  • The Orphan of Kos's theme has two parts. The first contributes to the atmosphere of the beautiful desolation of the moonlit beach upon which you fight the poor, wizened child, and the second amps up the intensity to go with the Orphan's even more psychotically aggressive second-stage moveset.