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As with its previous installments in the series, Bloodborne boasts a soundtrack that is composed by a mix of Western and Japanese composers, all performed with a live orchestra. And it is awesome.


  • This trailer features what has to be considered the offical theme song of Bloodborne, the Hit House's own "Hunt You Down", featuring Ruby Friedman. The haunting, prophetic warning of this song isn't from the beasts' point of view, but the hunters'.
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  • "The Night Unfurls", the main menu theme, sounds very ominous, yet beautiful.
  • "The Hunter's Dream" is a hauntingly beautiful piece for the eponymous safe area in the game.
  • Cleric Beast is a very intense track for the first boss fight of the game, and it becomes increasingly demonic halfway through, complete with beastly shrieks.
  • Father Gascoigne, The Hunter captures the tone of the boss fight against Gascoigne extremely well: the song becomes more frantic and chaotic as it continues playing which perfectly mirrors Gascoigne's descent into beasthood during the fight.
  • "Blood-Starved Beast". Similar to Gascoigne's theme, this perfectly captures the tone of the fight against the eponymous Beast, especially when it starts attacking in a much more frantic manner as the fight progresses.
  • "The Darkbeast Paarl" is a quietly tense piece of music featuring strings and a choir, well-suited to your fight with an ancient electric undead werewolf.
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  • "The One Reborn". It begins soft, yet tense, but slowly crescendoes and becomes more ominous as the song goes on. It fits incredibly well for the fight with that thing in the courtyard.
  • Micolash's Theme, which does an excellent job of conveying the sheer insanity of the man you're fighting.
  • "Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos" sounds like something out of an above-average Final Fantasy soundtrack.
  • "Lullaby for Mergo" dispenses with the epic choirs and orchestras for a lone, vaguely sinister (though gentle) tune from a music box. The melody itself is maddeningly catchy and serves as a surprisingly quiet soundtrack to defeating the Nightmare itself.
  • "Gehrman, The First Hunter" is a slow and sad-sounding melody that captures the atmosphere of the battle with the final boss, Gehrman, perfectly.
  • "Moonlit Melody", the theme that plays whenever the player is in the Hunter's Dream after awakening the Blood Moon and before defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse, is a soothing song that makes the player feel at ease.
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  • From the DLC, "Ludwig, The Accursed/Holy Blade" plays during your fight against the eponymous Ludwig; the first half, dubbed "The Accursed", is a harrowing mix of oppressive brass and frightful choirs, fittingly enough for your opponent's terrifying appearance and circumstances. Once Ludwig regains his sanity and musters the full power of his beast form with the help of the Moonlight Blade, the orchestra blooms into an even more intense piece, with the chorus violently lashing out as you're forced to dodge the boss' flurries of sword beams.
  • "Living Failure" plays during the fight against the prototype Celestial Emissaries. It resembles a mix between Seath's theme from King's Field and "Mars, Bringer of War" by Gustav Holst.
  • Another track from the DLC is Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower which plays during the fight against the eponymous Lady Maria, the person that the Plain Doll is based on.
  • Laurence, the First Vicar retakes the melody of Cleric Beast's theme and cleans it up, making the male vocals more ominous as they just keep going through the track. This theme plays during the DLC's Bonus Boss fight, who turns out to be a significantly stronger, flaming Cleric Beast.

Fan Made

  • "Bloodborne "Gehrman, The First Hunter" Remix" by gvgkid is a cool rock rendition of Gehrman's final boss fight theme with a Western-sounding twist.
  • "Moonlit Beast" a remix of the Cleric Beast theme by Alex Roe, which opts for a much quieter and atmospheric direction, mixed with "Dark Reality" from King's Field IV and strangely, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. And it works surprisingly well.
  • Cleric Beast Theme "Epic Rock" Cover by Little V Mills is a... well, an Epic Rock Cover of the Cleric Beast Theme.
  • Father Gascoigne Theme "Epic Metal" Cover, again by Little V Mills, which covers the theme of Father Gascoigne.
  • Gehrmans' Theme "Epic Rock" Cover is another cover by Little V Mills that differs from the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne themes by having a suitably somber beginning with some acoustic guitar that turns epic. It never loses the somberness, but the heavy guitar climax also highlights the sheer power of the First Hunter. "Gehrman joins the hunt" indeed.
  • RichardEB has powerful and intense metal covers of Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, Cleric Beast, and a particularly exceptional take on Gehrman, The First Hunter.
  • Paleblood Moon by Miracle of Sound, which manages to capture the sheer oppressive brutality of the games story with large drum and brass sections complemented by church bells and what seems to be a full choir, as well as the softer moments relating to the Hunter's Dream and the Doll that are denoted by light violins and music box melodies It also manages to sneak some subtle clues in about the Moon Presence and the true nature of the Great Ones and the Hunt.
    Paleblood will guide your way, embrace the changes and be consumed/Bleak bells that chime dismay/Echo the cries of the Paleblood Moon.
  • Miracle of Sound and Aviators team up four years later with A Thousand Eyes to create an epic symphonic metal song. With verses seemingly from the perspective of Gehrman and Willem with plenty of references to the story. Combining Gavin's unique style with Aviators voice and plenty of Call-Back's to Paleblood moon including when the melody changes to the original song, this a song worth hunting down.
    And the cogs creak a melody, Hear the deafening dirges rise/And the ones who would never be/Behold the end with a thousand eyes.
  • "Never Wake Again" by JT Music is a cool song with a catchy chorus and reflects how much "blood" is important in the game.
  • "Undone By The Blood" is another remix of Gehrman's battle theme that goes for a quieter spin to the original in contrast to other remixers that makes it's unique blend of melancholy and subtle menace stand out all the more, with nonetheless plenty of points where the sound swells and encapsulates the glory of the original.
  • "Fresh Blood", with its ominous, military-esque marching beat is very creepy and very cool.
  • Alex Roe has composed two entire albums inspired by the game, Night of the Hunt and Borne in Blood. Standouts from their respective albums are "Dance of the Blood-Drunk", an ode to the hedonistic Cainhurst Vilebloods, and "Beckon a Foul Beast", which makes use of an oppressive orchestral sound and a haunting One-Woman Wail.
  • "Lords of the Hunt" by Dragony is a melodic metal Bloodborne tribute from an album of the same name. Sounds like a triumphant recruiting song by the hunters, referencing a lot of the major themes without explicitly revealing major spoilers.
  • Aviators has composed three songs inspired by Bloodborne: "Wake Me When It's Over," a gothic rock theme for the Hunter; "Here Come The Ravens," a rock ballad sung by Lady Maria, lamenting her actions; and "No One Will Save You," a hauntingly tragic plea from Father Gascoigne, begging his daughter to stay safe in the endless night.
  • These 8-bit/chiptune remixes of Lady Maria's theme, Ludwig's theme, and The First Hunter's theme are quite a delight to listen to.


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