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Curse of the Moon 1

This game is composed by legendary Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane, and features Mega Man and Gunvolt composer Ippo Yamada. The results cannot be anything less than awesome.
  • Moonlit Blade, the theme of Stage 1. A perfect track for venturing forth and slaying demons, not unlike a certain other clan of notorious monster hunters.
  • Depths of Despair, the theme for Stage 2. Now with the introduction stage out of the way, and journeying alone or with a mysterious new companion at your side, the song highlights the unexpected darkness that lies ahead on your journey, which has still only just begun.
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  • Boundless Avarice, Stage 3's theme, is a mysterious track perfectly befitting the name of the stage as you venture further underground into the unknown depths below, knowing that something awaits you in the deepest room.
  • Echoes of Sorrow, Stage 4's theme. Nothing like a midnight stroll to the top of a dark tower filled with all kinds of creepy crawlies trying to kill you. A horrible night to be cursed by the moon? You better believe it.
  • The retraux version of Voyage of Promise, Stage 5's theme, is still awesome even in 8-bit format. Especially heartwarming that, like the Ritual of the Night, this theme plays during the ship level where you're going to take the fight against the demon lord to her homefield. Takes cues from "Ruined Castle Corridor", the Castle Entrance theme of Aria of Sorrow.
  • Gruesome Slaughter, Stage 6's theme. Expecting an energetic song to push you onward to the end now that you've reached the castle? Think again. The song lets you know that you're right on death's doorstep and the gloves are off. No welcome mat for you.
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  • Malicious Intent, Stage 7's theme, takes cues from "Aquarius" of Castlevania 3 fame and "New Messiah" from Belmont's Revenge. With the previous stage out of the way, now you get your heroic song of resolve to encourage you to push onward to the end with nothing nothing to stop you, and you're gonna need it. And yes, it certainly does deliver.
  • Jamais vu. There could be no other track to truly describe the situation you are in. You've made it to the top of the castle, the 8th and final stage of the game. Unfortunately, your actions have finally caught the attention of the Dark Emperor, and she is PISSED. So pissed, in fact, that she's decided to pull out all the stops in order to remove you as obstacles to his goal of filling the world with demons. Now you not only have to fight against her minions, you have to fight the castle itself as she herself controls it to try and kill you. Takes cues from Insane Aristocracy, Isaac's theme from Curse of Darkness.
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  • Desperado's Death Parade, the main boss theme, is an intense and high-energy track that assures you these bosses won't disappoint, and you'll have to keep your wits while they throw every trick up their sleeve they have at you.
  • The game goes out on a high note with Silent Howling, the theme for the final boss battle against Gremory, a grand song that has "epic final boss fight" written all over it, and a great sendoff to your adventure. That is, until you unlock Nightmare Mode. It's also notable for being a slower and more solemn sounding version of the song of the same name from the main game, even when compared to the 8-bit version featured on it.
  • Into the Hellscape. The first theme of the true final level, Stage 9, is a quiet and suspenseful theme reflecting one's surprise that the castle isn't quite as they remembered it.
  • Soul of the Damned. The second theme of the true final level, Stage 9, begins with a sense of suspense and fear as you're suddenly thrown into the fires of the unknown underworld, then turns into a song reflecting the resolve of our heroes to push onward, nearing the end of their quest to save the man who saved their lives.
  • Exorschism plays when you fight against the True Final Boss: the corrupted Zangetsu. It's definitely the most blood-pumping one and befits one of the most awesome boss fights ever with Miriam, with Alfred and Gebel lending their power to her, as she goes on to put Zangetsu's soul to rest while fighting the demon he has become.. Notable in that it's a Retraux version of the song of the same name from the main game.
  • Curse of the Moon, the credits theme. A perfect way to let you know that you've completed the game but that the adventure is not over.

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