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Awesome Music / Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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This game reunites once more the creative styles of director Koji "IGA" Igarashi and composer Michiru Yamane, and the results are just as breathtaking as the original Castlevania games. Accompanying Yamane is Inti Creates' very own Ippo Yamada (composer for Mega Man 9 and 10, as well as Azure Striker Gunvolt) Jake "Virt" Kaufman (known for remixing the DuckTales Remastered soundtrack), and Noisycroak (a supergroup consisting of many former Konami composers who have worked on past Castlevania games such as Harmony of Despair),


  • "Theme of Bloodstained", the very first piece of music composed for the game, used in the very Kickstarter trailer itself. An ominous yet hopeful symphonic piece that suits the game perfectly. The Piano Version has a sad tone to it but grows more hopeful at the end, representing Miriam's character. There are also two vocal versions, one English and one Japanese, which serve as a nod to "Nocturne" from Symphony of the Night. Due to licensing issues, the English version is not available on the official soundtrack releases.
  • "Call of Eternity", the File Select theme. Once you hear the One-Woman Wail, you know exactly what kind of game you're playing.
  • The very first area of the game, the Galleon Minerva, is accompanied by "Voyage of Promise", which proves to be every bit the Spiritual Successor to "Ruined Castle Corridor" from Aria of Sorrow.
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  • Theme of Gebel. As a fan put it masterfully, it truly is a tragic theme for someone who is already dancing with madness.
  • "Luxurious Overture", the theme of the Castle Entrance. A somber, yet fitting theme for the first major area of the game.
  • "Lost Garden" is almost a dead ringer for Marble Gallery and Tower of Mist.
  • "Holy Wisdom", the theme of the Cathedral of Dian Cecht. Five straight minutes of glorious pipe organ and One-Woman Wail that hearkens back to "Requiem of the Gods" from Symphony of the Night. It's also used as the music for the game's PS4 dynamic theme.
  • "Bibliotheca Ex Machina", the theme of the Library, is a haunting and suspenseful track befitting the unusual technology and the many death traps scattered throughout the level, serving as the denouement before reaching Gebel's keep.
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  • "Gears of Fortune", the theme for the mechanical tower, has a fast-paced, adventure-friendly tune, epic violins all over, One-Woman Wail midsection, and awesome drumming.
  • "Forgotten Jade", the theme for the Forbidden Underground Waterway. Fans of Yamane's underground and underwater levels in the Castlevania games will feel right at home with this soothing and peaceful track, with the sound of water added for good measure.
  • "Cursed Orphan", AKA "I Will Prove Them Wrong!: The Theme". Pure, unadulterated Castlevania rock that makes traversing through what is commonly called one of the most hated areas, the Lava Pit, worth it.
  • "Autumn Desolation". You know full well you're in Zangetsu's territory as soon as you hear the Japanese rock kick in.
  • "Theme of Zangetsu" is a slow, somber Japanese piece which highlights Zangetsu's determination to exact revenge on Gremory and every single demon in his path.
  • "Theme of O.D." is a rather familiar-sounding piece that calls to mind a certain other vampire, just as O.D. himself does.
  • "The Executioners" serves as the main theme for bosses. Naturally, it draws much inspiration from "Festival of Servants" from Symphony of the Night, being a hectic metal track.
  • "Exorschism", a faster paced, metal Boss Remix of Zangetsu's theme that plays when you fight him the second time.
  • Briefly previewed in the game's intro cutscene, "Silent Howling" serves as the boss theme of Gremory, as well as O.D. and IGA. A symphonic metal track that calls back the musical style of Harmony of Despair in all its rocking glory. An 8-bit remix different from the one heard in ''Curse of the Moon'' also plays against the 8-bit Overlord.
  • "Repentance", a Boss Remix of Dominique's theme, which showcases her true colors as the game's Big Bad, but also has a lighter and melancholic tinge to it, representing the person she used to be before she fell to darkness.
  • "King of Kings", an imposing and epic orchestral piece which plays during the battle against the True Final Boss, Bael, the king of all demons and the last obstacle before Miriam's long journey comes to an end.
  • "Theme of Tamako". Bet you'd never guess a simple enemy would get their own theme music now, eh? Tamako-Death is a unique enemy found in the Library that is very clearly a nod to I-no from Guilty Gear, being a demonic rocker chick clad in red with an electric guitar that she uses to attack you with. Therefore, it's only fitting that her theme be reminiscent of the works of Daisuke Ishiwatari.

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